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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#13 trap mail error application defect somebody new 03/23/09
#23 Show poll request failure application defect somebody new 03/26/09
#29 Feature: having a way to send mail to voting with result application enhancement somebody new 04/05/09
#31 Allow to delete RSA privkey and adding to read ballot application enhancement somebody new 04/10/09
#11 allow to have private poll application task somebody new 03/22/09
#18 Allow to output a poll dump application task somebody new 03/26/09
#24 Allow people to submit their candidacy application task somebody new 03/26/09
#26 having a list of secondary choice application enhancement somebody new 04/02/09
#33 Add module to import from LDAP application enhancement somebody new 04/07/10
#1 mot de passe a l'ouverture d'un vote application task nanardon accepted 03/16/09
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