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Import of CFMIP 2xCO2 IPSL-CM6A-LR configuration

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1-40      dpbase (altitude, in hPa, above LCL at which buoybase is computed, def = original: -40)
2150      pbcrit (altitude, in hPa, above LCL below which Ep=0, def = original: 150, used only if flag_epKEorig=0)
3500      ptcrit (altitude, in hPa, above LCL above which Ep=Epmax, def = original: 500, used only if flag_epKEorig=))
40.01     sigdz (reference fractional area of precipitating downdraughts, def = original: 0.01)
50.15     spfac (unsaturated fraction of precipitating downdraughts, def = original: 0.15)
68000.    tau (relaxation time of cloud base mass flux, def = original: 8000)
71        flag_wb (flag for wb (= vert velocity at LFC); 0->wb=wbmax, 1->wb=f(plfc) bounded, 2->wb=f(plfc) linear, def = 1)
86.       wbmax (parameter used in the computation of wb, def = 6.)
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