source: CMIP6/CFMIP/CM61-LR-2xCO2-01/PARAM/ep_param.data_NPv5.17c @ 3987

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Import of CFMIP 2xCO2 IPSL-CM6A-LR configuration

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11      flag_epKEorig (Conversion cld water->precip: Ep=f(pressure) if 0; Ep=f(temperature) if 1, def=1)
20.0003 elcrit (max condensed water concentration in kg/kg, def=0.0003, original: 0.0011, used only if flag_epKEorig=1)
3-55    tlcrit(temperature in degre Celsius, at which Ep=Epmax, def=-55., original: -55, used only if flag_epKEorig=1)
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