source: CONFIG/UNIFORM/v6/LMDZOR_v6.2/ARCH/arch-X64_JEANZAY.env @ 4744

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Adapt script and add modules for Jean-Zay at IDRIS

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1# Compile and running environnemnet at Jean-Zay
2module purge
3module load gcc/6.5.0/gcc-4.8.5
4module load intel-compilers/19.0.4
5module load intel-mpi/19.0.4
6module load intel-mkl/19.0.4
7module load hdf5/1.10.5/intel-19.0.4-mpi
8module load netcdf/4.7.0/intel-19.0.4-mpi
9module load netcdf-fortran/4.4.5/intel-19.0.4-mpi
10module load nco/4.7.9/intel-19.0.4-mpi
11module load ncview/2.1.7/intel-19.0.4-mpi
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