09:51 Changeset [5114] by acosce
update config LMDZORINCA_v6.2 to run on IreneAMD


11:32 Changeset [5113] by aclsce
Modified to use last revision of LMDZ6 trunk in ICOLMDZOR config.


15:29 Changeset [5112] by acosce
add arch file for compilation on irene amd and jeanzay
15:21 Changeset [5111] by acosce
add new hostname for compilation
15:16 Changeset [5110] by acosce
add more write in compile_lmdzorinca script to help to understand the …


10:44 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
09:43 Changeset [5109] by cetlod
CM6.5 : Minor updates


16:25 Changeset [5108] by acosce
update ioipsl tag in lmdzorinca_v6.2 config as ask by platform group


17:30 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
17:14 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
16:50 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
16:39 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
16:13 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
15:55 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
15:28 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod
15:00 IPSLCM6/ReunionsQuest edited by jdlod


14:26 IPSLCM6/QUEST edited by cetlod
14:25 IPSLCM6/QUEST edited by cetlod


17:00 IPSLCM6/QUEST edited by lfairhead
16:56 IPSLCM6/QUEST edited by lfairhead
16:50 IPSLCM6-MR edited by lfairhead


14:55 Changeset [5107] by aclsce
- Created IPSLCM5A2.2_work configuration : working configuration of …
14:53 Changeset [5106] by aclsce
- Added Addnoise functionality in IPSLCM5A2 configuration.
13:51 Changeset [5105] by aclsce
- Updated libIGCM and XIOS revisions to run on Irene-amd.
07:46 Changeset [5104] by aclsce
- Updated LMDZOR_v6.1.11 to run on Irene-amd machine.
07:34 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by aclsce


21:53 Changeset [5103] by acosce
update inca rev number to taken in account a correction on o3_loss for …
11:23 Changeset [5102] by aclsce
- Registered ICOLMDZOR_v7.1 configuration that was used for CMIP6 …
09:57 Changeset [5101] by aclsce
- Updated ICOLMDZOR_work configuration for Irene-AMD (TGCC) machine.
09:41 Changeset [5100] by aclsce
Added arch files for IRENE-AMD (TGCC) machine.
09:30 Changeset [5099] by acosce
update configuration LMDZORINCA_v6.1.11 to run on irene-amd computer


22:29 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by aclsce
21:55 IPSLCM6-MR025 edited by cetlod
21:51 IPSLCM6/QUEST edited by cetlod
18:06 Changeset [5098] by acosce
update IPSLCM5A2CHT configuration to run on Irène amd
15:25 Changeset [5097] by aclsce
- Updated IPSLCM5A2.1 configuration to run on Irene-AMD (TGCC) machine.


21:54 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by aclsce
21:37 IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR edited by aclsce
18:15 Changeset [5096] by acosce
update IPSLCM6.1.11-LR configuration to run on new computer Irène-Rome …
18:00 Changeset [5095] by acosce
Add specific option for Irene-Rome computer (DEDICATED Node for XIOS)
15:30 Changeset [5094] by cetlod
Updates revisions of XIOS & libIGCM to be able to run of Irene-Rome …
11:35 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
11:21 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
11:19 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
11:15 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
11:13 perfs_eorca1_nemo4.3_irene_fig1.png attached to Calculateurs/IreneAmd by cetlod
11:12 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
10:49 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod


21:30 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by aclsce
17:50 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by acosce
10:41 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
10:38 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
10:38 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
10:36 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
10:36 Calculateurs/IreneAmd edited by cetlod
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