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Simulations DAMIP IPSL

DAMIP: Detection and Attribution Model Intercomparison Project

Documentation ES-DOC DAMIP

Person in charge: Guillaume Gastineau

Persons in charge of runs: Guillaume Gastineau + autres

Strategy for initial conditions : first members use the conditions of the first historical simulation. Pick two other constrasting historical simulations and associated initial states once the whole historical ensemble is finished. Ideally the three members have a prononced warming (+), a small warming (-), a neutral warming (n).

Three members will be performed for each simulation => extend to five members depending on the resources.


Model: IPSL-CM6-LR

Sous-imputation TGCC : daacmip6

Avec IPSLCM6.1

Page du modèle : IPSLCM6/IPSL-CM6A-LR

Simulations :

Tier 1 : hist-nat (3 members) | hist-GHG (3 members) | hist-aer (3 member)

Tier 2 : ssp245-GHG (3 members) | hist-stratO3 (3 members) | ssp245-stratO3 (3 members)

Other : ssp245 (only 2015-2020; 9 members)

The simulations below will not be realized.

Tier 3 : hist-sol | hist-volc | hist-CO2 | ssp245-aer | ssp245-nat | hist-all-aer2 | hist-all-nat2

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