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     3<h1>Working at IDRIS</h1> 
     6[[PageOutline(1-3,Index du chapitre,,numbered)]] 
     9# IDRIS users' manual # 
     10 See: 
     12# IDRIS's machines and file systems # 
     14[[Image(wiki:DocBenv:IDRIS.jpg, 360px)]] 
     16# How to install your environment at IDRIS # 
     18 * Find more information about IDRIS on 
     19 * [ Scripts environment at IDRIS] 
     20 * The Ada machine at IDRIS can be used for our configurations. '''It supports the model execution and post processing.''' 
     21 * Note: the software [ the Tina software installed at IDRIS] gives access to hourly, daily and weekly backups of your $HOME files. 
     23[[NoteBox(note,It is important to take the time to install a comfortable and efficient environment.)]] 
     25 * We recommend to follow the example of the rpsl035 login's environment which is in bash. See the ~rpsl035/.bash_login file 
     27ryyy999@ada: cat ~/.bash_login 
     31source ~rpsl035/.bash_login 
     33 * Enter here the path of the compiling tools fcm and the rebuild tool used to reconstruct files from a parallel model: 
     35export PATH=/smphome/rech/psl/rpsl035/FCM/bin:$PATH 
     37 * Load here the modules giving access to libraries and post processing tools needed on our Home. 
     39module load netcdf 
     40module load ferret/6.72 
     41module load nco  
     42module load cdo 
     44 * Avoid messages displayed when connecting on Ada and Gaya. Make sure that the command rsh gaya pwd returns a unique line with the HOME on Ada. Make sure the copy of a file using rcp works properly in the two directions. 
     46ryyy999@ada: rsh gaya pwd 
     48ryyy999@ada: date > a ; rcp a gaya: 
     50 * Transfers !Ada/Gaya must be done with mfget/mfput.  
     51 * For dods access, use the command mfdods on Gaya. This creates the link (24h after the first time) visible here: 
     53# Export a file: 
     54ryyy999@gaya: mfdods mon_fichier -d /cache[n]/DODS/pub/rlab001/rep_1 
     56# Once the access activated, you must do the following to destroy a file: 
     57ryyy999@ada: mfdods -r /cache[n]/DODS/pub/rlab001/rep_1/mon_fichier 
     59 * To give access to the WORKDIR of Ada to all (755 or drwxr-xr-x), you must contact the IDRIS' assistance for the level /workgpfs/rech/grp. 
     61## System requirements ## 
     62To know the computing time used by your group (updated once a day): 
     64rces452@ada338:~> cpt  
     67# Things to know about file systems # 
     69## WORKDIR ## 
     71 * The $WORKDIR Ada is large but it is not saved. 
     72 * The $WORKDIR Ada can be extended (20 To for the group for example). The project investigator can ask an extension on the IDRIS's extranet. See:  
     74## Quotas ## 
     75To check the used space and the size of the HOME, WORKDIR and GAYA: 
     77# Quota HOME 
     78ryyy999@ada: quota_u 
     80# Quota WORKDIR 
     81ryyy999@ada: quota_u -w 
     83# Quota GAYA 
     84ryyy999@gaya: quota_u 
     87# End-of-job messages # 
     89To receive the end-of-job messages sent by the job itself (e.g. end of simulation, errors,...) you must specify your address in the $HOME/.forward file. 
     91# Simulation outputs # 
     93Simulation outputs are stored on Gaya:IGCM_OUT. 
     95The IDRIS's dods server is accessible from: 
     97# The IDRIS's machines # 
     98 * [wiki:DocBenvAidrisAada Ada] 
     99 * [wiki:DocBenvAidrisAada#adapp Adapp]