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Working on TGCC

1. TGCC presentation

2. TGCC's machines and file systems

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3. How to install your environment on TGCC

It is important to take the time to install a comfortable and efficient environment.

We suggest the user to use the p86ipsl login's environment (in bash) as an example (copy the ~p86ipsl/.bashrc_curie and the ~p86ipsl/.bash_profile files in your home). You can complete the .bashrc file to create your favorite environment (alias, module load ...)

ryyy999@curie: cp ~p86ipsl/.bashrc_curie  ~/.
ryyy999@curie: cp ~p86ipsl/.bash_profile ~/.

WARNING : if you have a ~/.profile file, it's better to remove it to avoid any problem during the execution of a simulation with libIGCM

In this environment is specified:

  • the path to the compiler tool fcm and to the rebuild tool which recombines output files from a parallel model:
    export PATH=~p86ipsl/fcm/bin:~p86ipsl/rebuild/src_X64_CURIE/modipsl_v2_2_2_netcdf4.2/bin/rebuild:$PATH
  • the load of modules giving access to computing or post processing libraries and tools needed on our platform (done in ~p86ipsl/.atlas_env_netcdf4.3.3.1_hdf5_parallel_curie_ksh). The revision numbers may change, currently (June 2015) following modules are loaded for computing :
    module load ghostscript/9.04
    module load ferret/6.9.3
    module load gsl/1.14
    module load netcdf/
    module load cdo/1.6.7
    module load imagemagick/6.7.4
    module load nco/4.4.8

4. Project and computing needs

  • To find out the computing time used by the projects you are involved in (daily update):
    ryyy999@curie: ccc_myproject
  • When you will create a job you need to specify in the header the project from which you will use computing time:
    #MSUB -A genxxx

5. About file systems

5.1. Quotas

To check the available and used storage capacities of HOME, SCRATCH, CCCWORKDIR and CCCSTOREDIR:

ryyy999@curie: ccc_quota

On the curie machine this command will also return the space used by scratch (a specificity of the curie machine).

This command has been improved and gives a lot of information : quotas and usage of shared space, type and duration of exception.


The $SCRATCHDIRdirectory is often cleaned and only files that are less than 40 days are stored.


The $CCCWORKDIR directory corresponds to the $WORKDIR directory on curie. It is large but its content is not backed up. Don't forget to do a backup (tar) for important directories.


To manipulate the files in /ccc/store a few commands are useful:

# Demigrate a list of files on CCCSTOREDIR, see also "ccc_hsm -h"

# Demigrate recursively the files from a CCCSTOREDIR directory, see also "ccc_hsm -h"

# Find out the used space on CCCSTOREDIR
cd $CCCSTOREDIR ; find . -printf "%y %s %p \n"  | \
     awk '{ SUM+=$2 } END {print "SUM " SUM/1000000 " Mo " SUM/1000000000 " Go" }'

# or use --apparent-size with du :
du -sh --apparent-size

5.5. ccc_home command to know directory complete pathname

ccc_home could help you to find directory complete pathname for an other user or for you .

>ccc_home -h
ccc_home: Print the path of a user directory (default: home directory).
usage: ccc_home [ -H | -s | -t | -W | -A | -G | -a] [-u user]
                [-h, --help]

 -H, --home         :  (default) print the home directory path ($HOME)
 -s, -t, --scratch  :  print the scratch directory path   ($SCRATCHDIR)
 -W, --cccwork      :  print the CCC work directory path  ($CCCWORKDIR)
 -A, --cccstore     :  print the CCC store directory path ($CCCSTOREDIR)
 -G, --cccgenostore :  print the CCC genostore directory path ($CCCGENOSTOREDIR)
 -a, --all          :  print all paths
 -u user            :  show paths for the specified user instead of the current user
 -h, --help         :  display this help and exit

> ccc_home -A -u ryyy999   

5.6. Storage spaces available from ESGF/THREDDS

To store a file for the first time on esgf/thredds, you must ask for esgf/thredds write access by mail to the TGCC hotline access :

On Curie : 

On a server web

6. Specific file systems for CMIP6

For gencmip6 project, and only for it, 3 more file systems and 4 more directories are available. Phase 1 have been installed in april 2016. Phase 2 and Phase 3 will come later in 2017 and 2018.

To use them, in interactive mode, you have to do : module load datadir/gencmip6.

Since libIGCM_v2.8.1, if you set your project to gencmip6/devcmip6, they are automatically used in place of usual HOME, CCCWORKDIR, CCCSTOREDIR and SCRATCHDIR : module switch dfldatadir dfldatadir/gencmip6 called from libIGCM.


  • 50 TB
  • gencmip6 group quota
  • dedicated to sources and scripts
  • strongly recommanded for CMIP6 sources and simulations scripts
  • regular snapshot are taken by the system. See $GENCMIP6_HOME/.snapshot
    ... /.snapshot : ls -l
    total 44
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 daily.2017-02-07_0010
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 daily.2017-02-08_0010
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 hourly.2017-02-08_0905
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 hourly.2017-02-08_1005
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 hourly.2017-02-08_1105
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 hourly.2017-02-08_1205
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 hourly.2017-02-08_1305
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 hourly.2017-02-08_1405
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 snapshot_for_backup.76
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 weekly.2017-01-29_0015
    drwxr-sr-x. 13 xxx gencmip6 4096 Dec 17 09:47 weekly.2017-02-05_0015


  • 2.5 PB in phase 1, 7 PB in phase 2
  • gencmip6 group quota
  • dedicated to small output files (ATLAS, MONITORING)
  • available through following work_thredds
  • no backup


  • 2.5 PB in phase 1, 7 PB in phase 2 and 14 PB on tape in phase 3
  • gencmip6 group quota
  • dedicated to large (more than 1GB) output files (Output, Analyse)
  • available through following store_thredds
  • linked with HSM (tapes)


  • same file system as GENCMIP6_CCCWORKDIR
  • used during batch execution (RUN_DIR) and erased at the end of the execution
  • regular cleaning after 40 days

7. End-of-job messages

To receive the end-of-job messages sent by the job itself: end of simulation, error,... you must specify your address in the $HOME/.forward file.

8. Simulation outputs

Final simulation outputs are stored in $CCCSTOREDIR/IGCM_OUT and on $CCCWORKDIR/IGCM_OUT regarding the ATLAS and MONITORING directories.

The esgf/thredd server on TGCC are available via:

9. About password

ccc_password_expiration helps you to know expiration date of your password. Currently password have to be changed one time per year.

 > ccc_password_expiration
Your password will expire in 70 days on Fri Nov 22 08:42:59 2013
 > ccc_password_expiration -h
Usage: ccc_password_expiration [username[@realm]]

10. The TGCC's machines

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