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External tools

1. Important tools used in the IPSL climate modeling framework

The following tools are used for all steps from setup to post processing. They must be available on the computing machine (except forge).

The common account configuration files allow you to access the proper version of the tools (e.g. module load).

1.1. Forge

The machine is a forge trac

  • Welcome page of the User guide as TracWiki and its attached documents
  • Source code archives with the svn server
  • Problem tracker (tickets)

1.2. Remote and secure connections

  • ssh and associated commands (scp, rsync, protocole svn+ssh)

1.3. Shell

  • bash : recommended for interactive mode
  • ksh : used in batch scripts
  • awk gnu ([g]awk)
  • make gnu ([g]make)

1.4. Version control

1.5. C++ compilers

1.6. Fortran compilers

To learn how to use Fortran, see e.g.

Some Fortran compilers :

  • Portland
  • Intel
  • NAG
  • gfortran
  • g95

1.7. FORTRAN libraries

1.8. Generating executables

Default for compiling the models: FCM.

1.9. Batch manager

  • slurm and slurm ccc_*
  • torque-maui
  • LoadLeveler

1.10. Mail program

  • mail[x]

1.11. NetCDF tools

2. Tools for analyze and visualization of NetCDF files

3. A few tips for further reading

3.1. Unix

Google "Unix Tutorial" is a good starting point.

3.2. Text editors

3.2.1. Emacs

3.2.2. vi and vim

3.3. Programming and scripting languages

3.3.1. Python

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