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Training courses in modipsl and libIGCM

The Home groupe at IPSL climate Center gives 2 different one-day training courses in how to use the IPSL models and the tools necessary. Both courses are given in english. In general the moring is dedicated to lecture and afternoon for hands on exercices. The courses are given at Maison de la Simulation in a classe room containing computers used for the hands on exerecies.

To do the hands on exercices a login at TGCC or IDRIS is needed. If you don't have one, please start directly the procedure which can be long. Some of the exercies can be done at the LSCE cluster(obelix). Download the hands on exercies here : Home_training_exercices.pdf.

1- Basic training cours to learn how to use modipsl and libIGCM. This cours is for beginners and for people who want to refresh their memory.
Download the presentation here : Home_training_basic.pdf.
See here details for the program : program_for_basic_training_session.pdf

2- Advanced training cours : the second course for users with some experience with modipsl/libIGCM. This cours is also recomanded for everybody that followed the Basic training cours. You'll learnt about post-treatement, see how to best follow a simulation, reparer errors, verify and redo post-tretement, and more.
Download the presentation here : IPSL-cours-niv2-20131114-english-v2.pdf.
See here details for the program : program_for_advanced_training_session.pdf

NB! INSCRIPTION mandatory to have enterance acces at "Maison de la simulation" where the courses are given. For inscription you need to give your login at TGCC/IDRIS or LSCE(obelix) and indicate who is your employer.

How to go to Maison de la Simulation
If you're used to go to LSCE, continue with the bus or navette CEA one stop later and walk for 5-10 minutes. See details here

Feedback Questionnaire

you have participated to one or both of our training courses in November. Can you please take some minutes to give us feed back by answering following questions (in frensh or english). Please send your answers to Anne ( :

  • Which course did you attend? Basic or advanved or both
  • Which was your level with modipsl/libIGCM before this training? Never used, begginer or intermediate
  • What did you expect from this training?
  • Did you get what you expected?
  • Do you have any comments on the lecture part?
  • Do you have any comments on the hands on session?
  • Other comments :

Thank you!

Anne, Josefine,Marie-Alice et Arnaud

Next training session

Spring 2014

Last training sessions

  • 5'th and 14'th of November 2013 for level 1 and level 2
  • 17'th and 18'th of April 2013 for level 2
  • October 2012 for level 1

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