source: XIOS/dev/XIOS_DEV_CMIP6/src/config/interpolate_domain_attribute.conf @ 1269

Last change on this file since 1269 was 1269, checked in by ymipsl, 3 years ago

interpolate_domain : add new attribute "read_write_convention" which msut be "c" or fortran. The default remain fortran (global indices begin at 1)


File size: 387 bytes
[657]1/* GLOBAL */
[689]2DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(int, order)
[846]3DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(bool, renormalize)
[1158]4DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(bool, quantity)
[1264]5DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(bool, detect_missing_value)
7/* Write interpolation weights into file */
9DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(StdString, weight_filename)
[1264]10DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(bool, write_weight)
[1269]11DECLARE_ENUM2(read_write_convention, c, fortran)
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