source: XIOS/dev/dev_ym/XIOS_COUPLING/xios_test_suite/ARCH/arch-X64_JEANZAY.env @ 2225

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Activate test suite for IntelMPI environment on COUPLING (JeanZay?)

File size: 311 bytes
1module purge
2#module load gcc/9.1.0
3module load intel-all/2020.4
4module load hdf5/1.12.0-mpi
5module load netcdf-c/4.7.4-mpi
6module load netcdf-fortran/4.5.3-mpi
7module load nco
8module load cdo
10source $I_MPI_ROOT/intel64/bin/ release_mt
11export TMP=/dev/shm    # to compile on node with enough memory
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