source: XIOS/trunk/src/config/calendar_wrapper_attribute.conf

Last change on this file was 1493, checked in by oabramkina, 3 years ago

Adding attribute comment to certain objects.

Fortran interface is already updated in r1492.

File size: 622 bytes
1DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(StdString, comment)
2DECLARE_ENUM6(type, D360, AllLeap, NoLeap, Julian, Gregorian, user_defined)
3DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(CDuration, timestep)
4// The start date and time origin are declared as string attributes instead
5// of CDate attributes so that we can control when they are parsed exactly
6DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(string, start_date)
7DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(string, time_origin)
8DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(int, day_length)
9DECLARE_ARRAY(int, 1, month_lengths)
10DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(int, year_length)
11DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(double, leap_year_drift)
12DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(double, leap_year_drift_offset)
13DECLARE_ATTRIBUTE(int, leap_year_month)
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