10:21 Changeset [2245] by jderouillat
Workaround for a MPI_Win_flush bug appearing with IntelMPI in a …


14:36 Changeset [2244] by jderouillat
Add an unstructured mesh based test in test suite
10:40 Changeset [2243] by jderouillat
Move context cleaning in xios_finalize (for clients) and when servers have …


16:37 Changeset [2242] by ymipsl
Bug fix in when split global communicator between clients and servers. …
14:25 Changeset [2241] by jderouillat
Clean Context and it members before MPI_Finalize (to avoid some MPI call …
14:22 Changeset [2240] by jderouillat
Operate MPI windows free. Otherwise MPI will try to free it itself without …


09:46 Changeset [2239] by ymipsl
implement cyclic distribution for servers. in param.def : …
09:44 Changeset [2238] by ymipsl
Bug fix in when split global communicator between clients and servers. …


13:40 Changeset [2237] by jderouillat
Add LLVM compilation in the test suite


18:18 Changeset [2236] by ymipsl
Fix problem in remoteConnector when computing grid to sent to server. Some …
18:15 Changeset [2235] by ymipsl
small fix in memory report. YM
14:59 Changeset [2234] by jderouillat
Enable dynamico-like runs with generic_testcase


11:10 Changeset [2233] by ymipsl
arch files for jean-zay using openmpi. YM


14:41 Changeset [2232] by jderouillat
Reconsider the workflow view to identify points to exclude from …


16:30 Changeset [2231] by jderouillat
Fix for null elements comparison in test suite
15:17 Changeset [2230] by ymipsl
Fix some Dead-lock issue... YM
15:15 Changeset [2229] by ymipsl
When checkEvent is set, add a new diagnoistic : Check if every server …
09:37 Changeset [2228] by jderouillat
Fix in exclude masked points from transformation definition …


15:41 Changeset [2227] by jderouillat
Exclude masked points from transformation definition (domain_extract)


13:05 Changeset [2226] by jderouillat
Implement a data_i_index computing which only depends on source workflow …


12:08 Changeset [2225] by jderouillat
Activate test suite for IntelMPI environment on COUPLING (JeanZay?)


18:14 Changeset [2224] by ymipsl
arch files for jeanzay, with intelmpi YM
18:13 Changeset [2223] by ymipsl
Warning : standard release intelMPI library is bugged when probing onto a …
18:11 Changeset [2222] by ymipsl
Fix problem at MPI dynamic window creation with intelMPI : Freeing …
18:09 Changeset [2221] by ymipsl
fix typo : MPI_Aint instead of MPI_AINT YM
18:08 Changeset [2220] by ymipsl
Add synchronisation at service and manager creation, not sure it needed, …
17:21 Changeset [2219] by jderouillat
Set explicitly exclusive mode to run test suite jobs on Jean-Zay for trunk …
16:38 Changeset [2218] by jderouillat
Update trunk test suite with the same protocol that on COUPLING
12:50 Ticket #175 (Interpolation of overlaid domains) created by jderouillat
In the special case where nodes of source and destination domains are …
12:11 Changeset [2217] by jderouillat
Modify interpolate_domain in COUPLING test suite to not overlay source and …
12:11 Changeset [2216] by jderouillat
Add a check of array shape before checking differences in COUPLING test …
10:53 Changeset [2215] by jderouillat
Manage null elements computing relative error in XIOS_COUPLING test suite
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