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(edit) @1567   6 months ssenesi house-keeping scripts hanlde CESMEP outputs
(edit) @1566   7 months ssenesi Fix AA_pack_output re. calling C-ESM-EP
(edit) @1564   8 months ssenesi fix on commit done for r1563, forgot to commit ins_job
(edit) @1563   8 months ssenesi Better gues default_project on irene(-amd) in libIGCM_sys
(edit) @1562   8 months ssenesi fix issue with C-ESM-EP and ::default_project::
(edit) @1561   9 months ssenesi Cesmep : fix case AtEnd?
(edit) @1560   9 months ssenesi change CESMEP code location
(edit) @1559   9 months ssenesi Improve handling Cesmep
(edit) @1554   9 months ssenesi Handle C-ESM-EP atlas in post-processing
(edit) @1553   9 months acosce create dev branch to introduce c-esm-ep library
(edit) @614   11 years mafoipsl AA_pack_debug consolidation. Job_xxx exclusion.
(edit) @613   11 years mafoipsl On mercure front-end TMPDIR exists and IGCM_sys_RmRunDir should be empty.
(edit) @612   11 years mafoipsl Pack_restart : keep last restart of pack (This will reduce the need of …
(edit) @611   11 years mafoipsl Small correction on cesium. like [610].
(edit) @609   11 years mafoipsl Oops. English correction.
(edit) @608   11 years mafoipsl Add more information about directories used in simulation information …
(edit) @607   11 years mafoipsl Check and fix pack_debug.
(edit) @606   11 years mafoipsl Add out_* ie out_execution out_run_file or out_${Exec_Name} in pack_debug.
(edit) @605   11 years mafoipsl Tttttt use elapstim_req instead of cpu_time on mercure front-end.
(edit) @604   11 years mafoipsl Add out_* files after trick to have all Debug file into one directory.
(edit) @603   11 years mafoipsl Take into account [599] change from trunk.
(edit) @602   11 years mafoipsl Use AA_TimeSeroes_Checker as a model for AA_SE_Checker.
(edit) @601   11 years mafoipsl Use AA_create_ts as a model to work with packed files.
(edit) @600   11 years mafoipsl Use /dev/null for error message when this error is known.
(edit) @598   11 years mafoipsl On mercure SX9 and titane, add R_BUFR information in mailed information …
(edit) @597   11 years mafoipsl For mercure SX9 use the front-end for postprocessing jobs.
(edit) @596   11 years mafoipsl Use $TMPDIR as RUN_DIR on mercure SX9 front-end.
(edit) @595   11 years mafoipsl Add PackDefault=false as default. Set PackDefault=true on SX9 and …
(edit) @594   11 years mafoipsl On NEC SX9, use BATCH_NUM_PROC_TOT-1 as default number of processors for …
(edit) @593   11 years mafoipsl Suppress == test not working on SX9.
(edit) @592   11 years mafoipsl Second merge of libIGCM_MPI_OpenMP branch with libIGCM trunk, revision …
(edit) @577   11 years aclsce Fixed small bug for OpenMP case.
(edit) @575   11 years aclsce Fixed some bugs after some tests.
(edit) @574   11 years mafoipsl On vargas: set and initialize ERROR variable into IGCM_sys_Qsub function.
(edit) @573   11 years mafoipsl Keep echo of execution command.
(edit) @572   11 years mafoipsl Correction of test to detect Bufferisation.
(edit) @571   11 years mafoipsl First try to merge libIGCM_MPI_OpenMP branch with libIGCM trunk revision …
(edit) @570   11 years aclsce Modified to run different configurations mono-executable (sequential, MPI …
(edit) @564   11 years mafoipsl Add curie and try without sourcing /etc/profile.
(edit) @563   11 years mafoipsl curie : first try for curie machine.
(edit) @562   11 years mafoipsl Take care of backward compatibility on NEC.
(edit) @561   11 years mafoipsl Add a stop if executables don't exist.
(edit) @560   11 years mafoipsl SX9 : verification of run_file.
(edit) @559   11 years mafoipsl On SX9 correction to use BATCH_NUM_PROC_TOT variable set in HEADER.
(edit) @558   11 years mafoipsl Add default number of processors in libIGCM_sys library. Adapted and …
(edit) @557   11 years mafoipsl on vargas : simplification of executable name detection.
(edit) @556   11 years mafoipsl First test on mono-executable (sequential, MPI or hybrid MPI/OpenMP) on …
(edit) @534   11 years mmaipsl Correct SUBMIT_DIR on titane.
(edit) @526   12 years mafoipsl !TimeSeries_Checker : complete and proceed the case : Too Many …
(edit) @521   12 years sdipsl Dont exit during dmget error (can be ignore most of the time in fact). …
(edit) @519   12 years mafoipsl On libIGCM_MPI_OpenMP branch, set elapsed time limit to use all classes : …
(edit) @517   12 years sdipsl Avoid troubleshooting when ${R_SAVE}/${comp}/Analyse/${TS_Dir} does not …
(edit) @515   12 years sdipsl Save intermediate files when running create_ts
(edit) @513   12 years sdipsl Speed up TS creation. Having perfect dmnfs condition : 11 hours instead …
(edit) @512   12 years sdipsl Add chemistry flag so as to ease chemistries configurations management
(edit) @509   12 years mmaipsl Correct side effect when NEW_JobName and substring in Submit_dir PATH are …
(edit) @505   12 years mafoipsl For ulam : adapt /homegaya /u as required since 11/10/2011. Tested with …
(edit) @499   12 years mafoipsl On vargas : move IGCM_sys_Rm definition to use it into …
(edit) @498   12 years mafoipsl on vargas : Ooooops kh introduced instead of ksh.
(edit) @497   12 years mafoipsl On vargas add sequential case.
(edit) @496   12 years mafoipsl On vargas correct last commit with wrong test.
(edit) @495   12 years mafoipsl On vargas : use component/CPL instead of executable/oasis, add rm of …
(edit) @494   12 years mafoipsl On vargas : consolidation of IGCM_sys_build_execution_scripts
(edit) @493   12 years mafoipsl Adaptation and test on vargas for MPI only coupled run. No test with only …
(edit) @492   12 years mmaipsl Arnaud, Martial : integrate vargas for mixte parallelization MPI/OpenMP.
(edit) @491   12 years mmaipsl Add local variable declarations in new IGCM_sys_build_execution_scripts …
(edit) @490   12 years mmaipsl First version for MPI/OpenMP integration in libIGCM. Work only on …
(edit) @489   12 years mmaipsl Create libIGCM_MPI_OpenMP version in a branche.
(edit) @33   15 years mmaipsl Christian Laguerre, MM : correction on obelix calculator. IGCM …
(edit) @14   15 years mmaipsl Correct a bug in create_ts_next_date function with multi-years …
(edit) @13   15 years mmaipsl Add obelix* sys file.
(edit) @12   15 years mmaipsl In AllPostFred? branch, correct post-treatment launched in case of …
(edit) @10   15 years mmaipsl MM: All frequencies in post-treatement.
(edit) @9   15 years mmaipsl MM: Branch to add the use of all frequencies in post-treatement.
(edit) @8   15 years mmaipsl MM: Add SmoothFiles? with last commit (r6) corrections.
(edit) @6   15 years mmaipsl MM: Test a "Smooth Section".
(add) @1   15 years libigcm libIGCM : creation du repository svn.
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