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#283 configure XIOS2 to produce time series instead of using create_ts.job sdipsl task critical PostProcessing
#323 ccc_mprun for MPMD/MPI/OpenMP execution on curie somebody enhancement major system
#324 AA_clean_PeriodLength enhancement minor AMQP Broker

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#285 Install CMIP6 data request on computing center. Available in libIGCM. sdipsl task blocker system
#286 XIOS2 configured from the CMIP6 Data Request. First prototype. sdipsl task critical PostProcessing
#341 ins_job with non existing ExpType will erase config.card and do nothing else... somebody defect critical treatment
#284 configure XIOS2 to produce pack output instead of using pack_output.job sdipsl task major PostProcessing
#339 In libIGCM_sys/libIGCM_sys.ksh store mail.txt in /tmp directory somebody enhancement minor system
#340 Use ferret/7.2 to be able to monitor long simulation. somebody enhancement minor PostProcessing
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