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#337 Load the appropriate environement depending on compilator used for the gcm new somebody critical libIGCM_v2.8.4 system
#338 Instead of sourcing only one .atlas_env... divide up in three areas new somebody critical libIGCM_v2.8.4 system
#303 move BigBrother=true option from AA_job to config.card assigned sdipsl major libIGCM_v2.8.4 Supervisor CORE
#316 Add a switch to postpone pack jobs new somebody major libIGCM_v2.8.4 PostProcessing
#329 Check of re-running an old job has to be improved because pack_debug deletes files. new somebody major libIGCM_v2.8.4 treatment
#343 DEVT/PROD and jobs stop. Coming from Irene but still required. new major libIGCM_v2.8.4 AMQP Broker
#335 Ada AA_purge_simulation don't delete R_BUFR files assigned sdipsl minor libIGCM_v2.8.4 treatment
#339 In libIGCM_sys/libIGCM_sys.ksh store mail.txt in /tmp directory new somebody minor libIGCM_v3 release candidate system
#340 Use ferret/7.2 to be able to monitor long simulation. new somebody minor libIGCM_v3 release candidate PostProcessing
#352 Ajout d'informations sur les temps d'éxecution dans run.card new somebody minor system
#345 No out_lmdz.x.??? files are created when 1OMP for lmdz is set in config.card : pure MPI case new somebody trivial system
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