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(edit) @43   12 years smasson allow light restart with only un,vn,tn,sn,sshn
(edit) @42   12 years smasson sbccpl: bugfix (useless) see ticket 975 of NEMO
(edit) @41   12 years smasson sbcblk_core: no need of snow if nn_ice=0
(edit) @40   12 years smasson add trop025, trop075 and narc025 configurations
(edit) @39   12 years smasson fix in sbccpl when there is no sea-ice
(edit) @38   12 years smasson bugfix in sbccpl: rotation of vector received on T point, see NEMO ticket …
(edit) @37   12 years smasson clean some write
(edit) @36   12 years cholod start_date and nit000 for XIOS automatically managed by nemo
(edit) @35   12 years smasson introduce TROP12 in CONFIG
(edit) @34   12 years smasson add iomput for surface currents
(edit) @33   12 years smasson introduce new ioserver
(edit) @32   12 years cholod par_TROP12.h90 => par_TROP12.h90 + par_depth.h90 (also for BB12,PERU12)
(edit) @31   12 years smasson update weight namelists for tropical configurations
(edit) @30   12 years cholod replace old IND4 keywords by LITTLE_NEMO... waiting for curie
(edit) @29   12 years smasson add WEIGHTS namelists for trop12 and trop025
(edit) @28   12 years smasson update VARGAS compilation options
(edit) @27   12 years rblod Correct correction of option for Curie
(edit) @26   12 years rblod Correct option for Curie
(edit) @25   12 years rblod Exclude xios from dependancy creation
(edit) @24   12 years cholod oups... I forgot svn add for PERU12 configuration files
(edit) @23   12 years rblod Add possibility to choose where to apply the barotropic correction
(edit) @22   12 years cholod add PERU12 configuration
(edit) @21   12 years cholod Update of the trunk with the v3.4_r3306
(edit) @18   12 years rblod Correction for compatibility with the new obcdta
(edit) @17   12 years rblod Add BB12 configuration
(edit) @16   12 years rblod Allow periodicity with obc
(edit) @15   12 years cholod destroy the old ioserver
(edit) @14   12 years cholod change interface to new ioserver
(edit) @13   12 years cholod add timing in step.F90
(edit) @12   12 years cholod Add par_TROP12.h90 and obc_par_TROP12.h90 files
(edit) @11   12 years cholod add TROP12 configuration files
(edit) @10   12 years cholod allow to start without obc restart
(edit) @9   12 years cholod fldread.F90 and obcdta.F90 modifications to read OBC
(edit) @8   12 years cholod modify namelist for open boundaries input (namobc_dta)
(edit) @7   12 years cholod Update of the trunk with the v3.4_r3300
(edit) @6   12 years cholod Delete ADM and DOC Directories
(copy) @3   13 years cholod Create the trunk and Copy current nemo vendor in it
copied from vendor/nemo/current:
(copy) @2   13 years cholod Copying nemo vendor v3.4_r_3220_dev_NEMO_MERGE_2011 in current
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