Oxygen isotopes

1. Settings

You need the carbon cycle to be activated, see more info there:

You can activate the O2 isotopes (OOISO=1) in two cases in choixcomposantes.h:

  • Case 1: 16 tracers in the ocean: without the water isotopes and without PaTh? but with the carbon cycle (can be used to work, but not very coherent as you don't have the water isotopes):

#define ISOATM 0

#define ISOLBM 0

#define ISOOCN 0

#define OOISO 1

#define CYCC 2

#define OCYCC 1

#define PATH 0

Command to run a simulation (for developpers):

./bin/run-iloveclim -l PI-CC-O2iso_16tr -n 1 -r 1 -v 1 -s 23001 -S /home/acclimate/nbouttes/iloveclim_isoO2/wkdir/PI-OO2-restart-write_16tr2_ecbilt_clio/run/restartdata/res023001 -k -z

Note: Case 1 does not work correctly for phyto_prod and ODOC that are required to OO2 calculation (le 31/jan/2021, jwy)

  • Case 2: 23 tracers in the ocean: with the water isotopes and PaTh? and carbon cycle (what you will ultimately need, with everything):

#define ISOATM 2

#define ISOLBM 1

#define ISOOCN 1 (previous) or 2 (Didier's suggest, Feb 1st 2021)

#define OOISO 1

#define CYCC 2

#define OCYCC 1

#define PATH 1

#define KC14 1

In this case you also probably need isotopes in the atmosphere? :

#define OXYISO 0 (unless you have CARAIB, in case can be 1)

Command to run a simulation (for developpers):

./bin/run-iloveclim -l PI-CC-O2iso_23tr -n 1 -r 1 -k -z -v 1 -s 23001 -S /home/acclimate/nbouttes/iloveclim_isoO2/wkdir/PI-OO2-restart-write_16tr2_ecbilt_clio/run/restartdata/res023001
./bin/run-iloveclim -l PI-CC-O2iso_23tr -n 1 -r 1 -k -z -v 1 -s 6500 -S /home/clim01/roche/pr_Nathaelle/phyto_prod_v2-041_ecbilt_clio/run/restartdata/res006500

Command to run a simulation as interactive mode (for developpers, as of July 2021):

./bin/run-iloveclim -l PI-CC-O2iso_23tr -n 1 -r 1 -k -z -v 1 -s 6502 -S /home/acclimate/jwyang/iloveclim-trunk/wkdir/compiltest2_ecbilt_clio/run/restartdata/res006502

*To submit a job via qsub:

  1. You should put below module load command in the job txt file
    module load intel-fcomp/2020
  1. You should delete the "-p" option (example below; a 500-year run) - prends environs 2,7 min pour calculer une année (non-paralisé)
    ./bin/run-iloveclim -l ${nom} -n 500 -r 500 -t -k -s 6502 -S /home/acclimate/jwyang/iloveclim-trunk/wkdir/compiltest2_ecbilt_clio/run/restartdata/res006502 -v 1 > ${nom}.twt 2>&1 &

*You have to change the standard code OCN_BIO.F The O2 isotopes (i.e., OO2(:,:,:,2:4)) do not work when they are affected by "CALL CARBONATE"

      do km=1,1 (here instead of 1,4)
       CALL CC_surface_flux(FOO2(:,:,km), OO2(:,:,:,km), LT,JT,NOC_CBR)

2. Other info

2.1. TBA

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