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As new tools are added, the usage and implications shall be explained here.
+ procevolu:

Converts the evolu clio output data to NetCDF or Grads. (run procevolu -h, for commandline options)
Implications: The output will have a time axis that is different from previous versions (procevg, evo2graE), because it was not correct there. A CF-Convention version is planned.
List and description of the variables in the evolu output in this page.

+ cresuint:

Converts cresal, cresua, cresum clio output to NetCDF. (run cresuint -h, for commandline options) Implications: The output will be the same, but ice berg flux has been added. The output file will be named like the input file. Without options the program runs like it used to run, asking questions.

+ convert CLIO:
To convert CLIO files from irregular to regular grid

change the environment variables, for example on obelix add in .profile file:

export EMIC_ROOT=/home/acclimate/NAME/iloveclim/
export PATH=$PATH:/home/acclimate/NAME/iloveclim/bin
export MANPATH=$MANPATH:/home/acclimate/NAME/iloveclim/man
with NAME your name

add a symbolic link of "iloveclim/tools/Nieuw_convert_CLIO/bin/convert_clio.x" where you need to convert your files using ln -s type: ./convert_clio -f NAME_OF_CLIO_FILE_TO_CONVERT

This should create a file with the same name and the extension "" in the same directory