Basic installations instructions

Installation of iLOVECLIM on obelix (LSCE)

You first need an account on the ipsl forge.

To install iloveclim, open a terminal, go to the chosen directory, and type:

  • To get the iLOVECLIM code with svn:
    svn co svn+ssh:// iloveclim/.

OLD version

  • To load the modules:
    module load netcdf
    module load udunits
  • To install everything:

and comment medusa in config/make.macros and / or in config/make.macros-omp:

# MEDUSAINCLUDE→  = -I/include
# MEDUSALIB→      = -L/lib -lmedusa -L/lib/libthdyct/lib -lthdyct

NEW version:

  • To load the modules:
    module purge
    module load intel-fcomp/2013 netcdf/4
  • To install everything:

either without extended components


or with extended components (grisli...)

o first specification of the paths for the extended components in the directory config/*.paths files
o then

./ -E

iloveclim is now ready to be run.

BEWARE at LSCE!! Does not work on obelix2!!! OK on all other obelix .


Test : you can then start the test run, by default it runs for 1 year. It will copy all the files in the wkdir directory, compile and run the simulation.


If everything is ok it should have run.

To start a different run interactively on obelix, with a simulation called LH which lasts 500 years and writes restart files every 250 years, starting from the default initial conditions:

./bin/loveclim-new-run -l LH -n 500 -r 250

To keep the simulation running even if the terminal is closed, and redirects the terminal outputs to a file:

nohup ./bin/loveclim-new-run -l LH -n 500 -r 250 > run_LH &

To get the help and see more options:

./bin/loveclim-new-run -h


As of version 758, there is a possibility to run with OpenMP activated. Just use the "-p" switch in the call e.g.:

./binloveclim-new-run -l LH -n 500 -r 250 -p

this will by default use all cores available on the given machine.

The expected performance increase is of about 40-50% on 4 cores, slightly more with carbon cycle activated, at time of writing (2017-11-30).
An example of the comparative performance is displayed below:

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