Description of the iLOVECLIM communal scenarios

By Pepijn Bakker

On this page you can find:
-> A short description of the ideas behind the communal scenarios
-> A description of how to use them
-> A list of the currently available scenarios
-> A list of the scenarios which could become available in the coming months/years

The iLOVECLIM communal scenarios in short

The iLOVECLIM communal scenarios are a directory-structure and naming convention made by iLOVECLIM users for iLOVECLIM users. Designed so that iLOVECLIM users can more easily redo simulations performed by others and use/combine them to create new scenarios. It includes fixed and automatically created directory structure, uniform scenario names and an extensive scenario description. The directory-structure is hosted on a separate 'svn-trunk' which ensures that people can use and update the iLOVECLIM communal scenarios without changing the iLOVECLIM model itself.

A description of how to use them

How to get the iLOVECLIM communal scenarios?
1) create a directory like "/home/user/scenario/Communal_Scenarios" or whatever you want. The new directory may be in your iLOVECLIM structure, but in that case make sure to be DEAD SURE and even surer with double checking that you do NOT COMMIT IT again to the svn AND that the new directory you create does not exist in the iLOVECLIM structure!!! (we have the risk of double commiting there). Best keep it outside the iLOVECLIM directory structure if you are unsure of what you are doing.
2) goto this new directory
3) Use "svn co svn+ssh:// ."
(after "ssh://" give your svn username and after 'enter' give the svn passwords etc. ...)\

How to update the iLOVECLIM communal scenarios?
When with time new scenarios are added you can update the communal iLOVECLIM scenarios by:
1) go to your Communal_Scenario
2) "svn update"

How to create a new iLOVECLIM communal scenarios yourself?
1) Run program "Create_new_scenario" to create new directory structure and scenario name ("./Create_new_scenario")
2) Copy the necessary input-data, parameter-files, source-files, start-files into this new directory structure
3) Fill-out the description file "Scenario_description_$scenario-name$
4) Use "svn commit" to submit the new scenario to the iLOVECLIM communal scenario trunk

Currently available iLOVECLIM communal scenarios

-> Last_Interglacial

-> 115ka_Equilibrium
-> 125ka_Equilibrium
-> 130ka_Equilibrium

-> CarbonCycle

-> 132ka_Transient

-> Last_Glacial_Maximum

-> 21ka_Equilibrium_PMIP2

-> Present_Interglacial

-> 0ka_Equilibrium_GreenlandIceSheetMelt
-> 0ka_Transient

-> Sensitivity_CO2_doubling
-> Sensitivity_freshwaterforcing

-> 1ka_Transient_Last_Millennium
-> 10ka_Transient
-> 8p5ka_Equilibrium_8p2ka-event

-> Future

-> 0ka_Transient


List of the scenarios which could become available in the coming months/years

(In brackets the possible creator of this new scenario)
Present_Interglacial_9ka_Transient_IceSheets (Michael Blaschek)
Present_Interglacial_9ka_Transient_MeltFlux (Michael Blaschek)
Future_0ka_Transient_AR5scenarios (Michael Blaschek)

Last_Glacial_Maximum_21ka_Equilibrium_OxygenIsotopes (Didier Roche)
Last_Glacial_Maximum_21ka_Equilibrium_CarbonIsotopes (Didier Roche)

Deglaciation_21ka_Transient (Thibaut Caley)
Present_Interglacial_0ka_Equilibrium_OxygenIsotopes (Thibaut Caley)
Present_Interglacial_0ka_Equilibrium_CarbonIsotopes (Thibaut Caley)

Deglaciation_21ka_Transient_icesheets (Marianne Bugelmayer)
Deglaciation_21ka_Transient_icebergs (Marianne Bugelmayer)
Present_Interglacial_0ka_Equilibrium_icesheets (Marianne Bugelmayer)
Present_Interglacial_0ka_Equilibrium_icebergs (Marianne Bugelmayer)

Present_Interglacial_0ka_Equilibrium_Permafrost (Danielle Kitover)
Last_Glacial_Maximum_21ka_Equilibrium_Permafrost (Danielle Kitover)

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