Pre requisite

Currently, the only pre-requisite is the installation of a functional netcdf package in addition to gfortran. The netcdf and netcdf-devel packages of your system should be installed. Depends on your (linux) distribution.

Tweaks of the installation for gfortran

config file

For each machine that is not known of the system, you need to create a configuration file as config.your_machine_name.
The file config.lsce3027 can provide an example of what is needed in that file.


The standard of iLOVECLIM is to date ifort. Thus you need to modify the ifort variable in the script so as to ensure the use of gfortran. ifort = 0  is required (default is ifort = 1 )

Then you can run the install script normally as:

Error messages will appear in the Fields and tools part ... they can be ignored safely!!


The PMIP variable should be set to 1 in choixcomposantes.h
#define PMIP 1

emic file

You need to modify the emic.f file for non-ifort usage.
It is there: source:/trunk/ecbilt_clio/sources/emic.f@517#L1073 (should be equivalent in more recent revisions).
The source code should read  #define IFORT_USAGE 1

strict debug options

If you need to compile with very strict options, you can use the following in make.macros:
 -p -ggdb -Wall -W -Wsurprising -pedantic -fbounds-check -fstrict-aliasing -fimplicit-none -ffpe-trap=invalid,zero,overflow,underflow -Warray-temporaries -Wextra -fbacktrace -fcheck=all -ffixed-line-length-80 -cpp -fno-sign-zero -fdefault-real-8 -fdefault-double-8 -fno-align-commons -fconvert='big-endian' -frecord-marker=4
... but as of revision 585, the model does not run with this.

That's all!!

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