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ENHANCE-02_ISF_nemo: add ISOMIP+ test case configuration

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1# ISOMIP is a simple TEST_CASE to test the iceshelves in NEMO.
2# no input files are needed (all is prescribed in MY_SRC/usr_def routines
3# for a reference documentation on the ISOMIP test case, see experiement 1 on
5# default namelist is setup for a 30y run on 32 processors with the minimum output using XIOS in attached mode with single file output
7# How to build and
8   - Download or clone the CDFTOOLS (see
9   - Compile all the tools (or at least cdfpsi and cdfmoc) on your cluster (see
10   - if is splitted, you need to rebuild them using the rebuild NEMO tools (see in NEMOGCM/TOOLS) or run 1 (or more) time step on a single processor (nn_itend variable in the namelist).
11   - set the correct link: ln -s ; ln -s ; ln -s
12   - run the cdftools :
13        - cdfmoc                                       =>
14        - cdfpsi =>
16# How to plt moc/psi and melt (python with netcdf and matplotlib library requiried):
17   - psi.png => python2.7 -f -v sobarstf
18   - moc.png => python2.7 -f -v zomsfglo
19   - mlt.png => python2.7 -f -v sowflisf
20by default the last time frame is plotted.
22# location the expected circulation and melt plot after 30y of run:
23   - ISOMIP/EXP00/ISOMIP_psi.png
24   - ISOMIP/EXP00/ISOMIP_moc.png
25   - ISOMIP/EXP00/ISOMIP_mlt.png
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