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The big one. Merging all 2019 developments from the option 1 branch back onto the trunk.

This changeset reproduces 2019/dev_r11943_MERGE_2019 on the trunk using a 2-URL merge
onto a working copy of the trunk. I.e.:

svn merge —ignore-ancestry \

svn+ssh:// \
svn+ssh:// ./

The —ignore-ancestry flag avoids problems that may otherwise arise from the fact that
the merge history been trunk and branch may have been applied in a different order but
care has been taken before this step to ensure that all applicable fixes and updates
are present in the merge branch.

The trunk state just before this step has been branched to releases/release-4.0-HEAD
and that branch has been immediately tagged as releases/release-4.0.2. Any fixes
or additions in response to tickets on 4.0, 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 should be done on
releases/release-4.0-HEAD. From now on future 'point' releases (e.g. 4.0.2) will
remain unchanged with periodic releases as needs demand. Note release-4.0-HEAD is a
transitional naming convention. Future full releases, say 4.2, will have a release-4.2
branch which fulfills this role and the first point release (e.g. 4.2.0) will be made
immediately following the release branch creation.

2020 developments can be started from any trunk revision later than this one.

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3= Axis definition = = DO NOT CHANGE =
5    -->
7    <axis_definition>
8      <axis id="deptht" long_name="Vertical T levels" unit="m" positive="down" />
9      <!--   Vertical zoom for a 31-levels ORCA2 grid for eORCA1 300m corresponds to n=35 -->
10      <axis id="deptht300" axis_ref="deptht" >
11         <zoom_axis begin="0" n="19" />
12      </axis>
13      <axis id="depthu"  long_name="Vertical U levels" unit="m" positive="down" />
14      <axis id="depthv"  long_name="Vertical V levels" unit="m" positive="down" />
15      <axis id="depthw"  long_name="Vertical W levels" unit="m" positive="down" />
16      <axis id="nfloat"  long_name="Float number"      unit="-"                 />
17      <axis id="icbcla"  long_name="Iceberg class"      unit="1"               />
18      <axis id="ncatice" long_name="Ice category"       unit="1"               />
19      <axis id="iax_20C" long_name="20 degC isotherm"   unit="degC"            />
20      <axis id="iax_26C" long_name="26 degC isotherm"   unit="degC"            />
21      <axis id="iax_28C" long_name="28 degC isotherm"   unit="degC"            />
22      <axis id="basin"   long_name="Sub-basin mask (1=Global 2=Atlantic 3=Indo-Pacific 4=Indian, 5=Pacific)"  unit="1" />
23      <axis id="nstrait" long_name="Number of straits" unit="1" />
24      <!-- ABL vertical axis definition -->
25      <axis id="ght_abl" long_name="ABL Vertical T levels" unit="m" positive="up"   />
26      <axis id="ghw_abl" long_name="ABL Vertical W levels" unit="m" positive="up"   />
27      <axis id="section"     n_glo="16" />
28      <axis id="section_ice" n_glo="4" />
29      <axis id="gau" />
30    </axis_definition>
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