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add the possibility to not use the heat contained in the leads to melt sea ice but wait for the ocean to warm up first (ln_leadhfx)

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2&namthd         !   Ice thermodynamics
4   ln_icedH         = .true.          !  activate ice thickness change from growing/melting (T) or not (F)
5   ln_icedA         = .true.          !  activate lateral melting param. (T) or not (F)
6   ln_icedO         = .true.          !  activate ice growth in open-water (T) or not (F)
7   ln_icedS         = .true.          !  activate brine drainage (T) or not (F)
8   !                                   
9   ln_leadhfx       = .true.          !  heat in the leads is used to melt sea-ice before warming the ocean
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