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5% ================================================================
[10496]6% Chapter Foreword
7% ================================================================
10The ocean engine of NEMO (Nucleus for European Modelling of the Ocean) is a primitive equation model adapted to
11regional and global ocean circulation problems.
12It is intended to be a flexible tool for studying the ocean and its interactions with the others components of
13the earth climate system over a wide range of space and time scales.
[10496]15Prognostic variables are the three-dimensional velocity field, a non-linear sea surface height,
16the \textit{Conservative} Temperature and the \textit{Absolute} Salinity.
17In the horizontal direction, the model uses a curvilinear orthogonal grid and in the vertical direction,
18a full or partial step $z$-coordinate, or $s$-coordinate, or a mixture of the two.
19The distribution of variables is a three-dimensional Arakawa C-type grid.
20Various physical choices are available to describe ocean physics, including TKE, and GLS vertical physics.
[10496]22Within NEMO, the ocean is interfaced with a sea-ice model (SI$^3$)
23 %or \href{}{CICE}),
24passive tracer and biogeochemical models (TOP-PISCES) and,
25via the \href{}{OASIS} coupler, with several atmospheric general circulation models.
26It also support two-way grid embedding via the \href{}{AGRIF} software.
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