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As .tex extension seems to be recognized natively by Trac for syntax highlighting, prefer to use it for all files under ./latex/global.
The difference between .tex or .sty is a bit cryptic for what I currently know

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1%% LaTeX packages in use
2%% ==============================================================================
4\usepackage{natbib}                      %% bib
5\usepackage{caption}                     %% caption
6\usepackage{xcolor}                      %% color
7\usepackage{times}                       %% font
8\usepackage{hyperref}                    %% hyper
9%\usepackage{idxlayout}                   %% index
10\usepackage{enumitem}                    %% list
11\usepackage[outputdir=../build]{minted}  %% listing
12\usepackage{amsmath}                     %% maths
13%\usepackage{fancyhdr}                    %% page
14\usepackage{minitoc}                     %% toc
15\usepackage{subfiles}                    %% subdocs
16\usepackage{draftwatermark}              %% watermark
17\usepackage{titling}                     %% titlepage
19%% Extensions in bundle package
20\usepackage{amssymb, graphicx, makeidx, tabularx, textcomp}
21\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}              %% input encoding
23%% Configuration
24\captionsetup{margin=10pt, font={small}, labelsep=colon, labelfont={bf}}
25%\idxlayout{font=footnotesize, columns=3}
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