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[10186]2Explore the test cases
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19| The complete and up-to-date set of test cases is available on
20  :github:`NEMO test cases repository <NEMO-examples>`.
21| Download it directly into the :file:`./tests` root directory with
[10605]23.. code-block:: console
25   $ git clone
[11735]30The compilation of the test cases is very similar to
31the manner the reference configurations are compiled.
32If you are not familiar on how to compile NEMO,
33it is first recomended to read :doc:`the instructions <install>`.
[11735]35| As the reference configurations are compiled with ``-r`` option,
36  test cases can be compiled by the use of :file:`makenemo` with ``-a`` option.
37| Here an example to compile a copy named WAD2 of the wetting and drying test case (WAD):
[10605]39.. code-block:: console
[11735]41   $ ./makenemo -n 'WAD2' -a 'WAD' -m 'my_arch' -j '4'
[11735]43Run and analysis
[11735]46There no requirement of specific input file for the test_cases presented here.
47The XIOS xml input files and namelist are already setup correctly.
[10605]48For detailed description and Jupyter notebook, the reader is directed on
[11735]49the :github:`NEMO test cases repository <NEMO-examples>`
51The description below is a brief advertisement of some test cases.
[11735]53List of test cases
[11735]59.. figure:: _static/ICE_AGRIF_UDIAG_43days_UM5.gif
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[11735]65| This test case illustrates the advection of an ice patch across
66  an East/West and North/South periodic channel over a slab ocean (i.e. one ocean layer),
67  and with an AGRIF zoom (1:3) in the center.
68| The purpose of this configuration is to
69  test the advection of the ice patch in and across the AGRIF boundary.
70  One can either impose ice velocities or ice-atm.
71  Stresses and let rheology define velocities (see :file:`README` for details)
[11735]76.. figure:: _static/VORTEX_anim.gif
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[11735]82This test case illustrates the propagation of an anticyclonic eddy over a Beta plan and a flat bottom.
83It is implemented here with an online refined subdomain (1:3) out of which the vortex propagates.
84It serves as a benchmark for quantitative estimates of nesting errors as in :cite:`DEBREU2012`,
85:cite:`PENVEN2006` or :cite:`SPALL1991`.
[11735]87The animation (sea level anomaly in meters) illustrates with
88two 1:2 successively nested grids how the vortex smoothly propagates out of the refined grids.
[11735]93.. figure:: _static/ISOMIP_moc.png
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[11735]99| The purpose of this test case is to evaluate the impact of various schemes and new development with
100  the iceshelf cavities circulation and melt.
101  This configuration served as initial assesment of the ice shelf module in :cite:`LOSCH2008` and
102  :cite:`MATHIOT2017`.
103  The default setup is the one described |ISOMIP|_.
104| The figure (meridional overturning circulation) illustrates
105  the circulation generated after 10000 days by the ice shelf melting (ice pump).
[11735]107.. |ISOMIP| replace:: here
[11735]112.. figure:: _static/LOCK-FCT4_flux_ubs.gif
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[11735]118| The LOCK EXCHANGE experiment is a classical fluid dynamics experiment that has been adapted
119  by :cite:`HAIDVOGEL1999` for testing advection schemes in ocean circulation models.
120  It has been used by several authors including :cite:`BURCHARD2002` and :cite:`ILICAK2012`.
121  The LOCK EXCHANGE experiment can in particular illustrate
122  the impact of different choices of numerical schemes and/or subgrid closures on
123  spurious interior mixing.
124| Here the animation of the LOCK_EXCHANGE test case using
125  the advection scheme FCT4 (forth order) for tracer and ubs for dynamics.
[11735]130.. figure:: _static/OVF-sco_FCT4_flux_cen-ahm1000.gif
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[11735]134   ..
[11735]136| The OVERFLOW experiment illustrates the impact of different choices of numerical schemes and/or
137  subgrid closures on spurious interior mixing close to bottom topography.
138  The OVERFLOW experiment is adapted from the non-rotating overflow configuration described in
139  :cite:`HAIDVOGEL1999` and further used by :cite:`ILICAK2012`.
140  Here we can assess the behaviour of the second-order tracer advection scheme FCT2 and
141  forth-order FCT4, z-coordinate and sigma coordinate (...).
142| Here the animation of the OVERFLOW test case in sigma coordinate with
143  the forth-order advection scheme FCT4.
[11735]148.. figure:: _static/wad_testcase_7.gif
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[11735]152   ..
[11735]154| A set of simple closed basin geometries for testing the Wetting and drying capabilities.
155  Examples range from a closed channel with EW linear bottom slope to
156  a parabolic EW channel with a Gaussian ridge.
157| Here the animation of the test case 7.
158  This test case is a simple linear slope with a mid-depth shelf with
159  an open boundary forced with a sinusoidally varying ssh.
160  This test case has been introduced to emulate a typical coastal application with
161  a tidally forced open boundary with an adverse SSH gradient that,
162  when released, creates a surge up the slope.
163  The parameters are chosen such that
164  the surge rises above sea-level before falling back and oscillating towards an equilibrium position.
[11735]169.. figure:: _static/CANAL_image.gif
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[11735]173   ..
[11735]175East-west periodic canal of variable size with several initial states and
176associated geostrophic currents (zonal jets or vortex).
[11735]181| This test case illustrates the advection of an ice patch across
182  an East/West and North/South periodic channel over a slab ocean (i.e. one ocean layer).
[10554]183  The configuration is similar to ICE_AGRIF, except for the AGRIF zoom.
[11735]184| The purpose of this configuration is to test the advection schemes available in the sea-ice code
[10554]185  (for now, Prather and Ultimate-Macho from 1st to 5th order),
186  especially the occurence of overshoots in ice thickness
[11735]191| This experiment is the classical :cite:`SCHAR1996` test case ,
192  which has been used in :cite:`LIPSCOMB2004`, and in which very specific shapes of ice concentration,
193  thickness and volume converge toward the center of a basin.
[10554]194  Convergence is unidirectional (in x) while fields are homogeneous in y.
[11735]195| The purpose of this configuration is to
196  test the caracteristics of advection schemes available in the sea-ice code
[10554]197  (for now, Prather and Ultimate-Macho from 1st to 5th order),
[11735]198  especially the constitency between concentration, thickness and volume,
199  and the preservation of initial shapes.
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