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usage of SETTE package:

principal script is (usage: ./ 

VERY IMPORTANT : for a verbose debug do:
./ 2>&1 | tee out.sette
this create out.sette file in ${SETTE_DIR}

 in script :
               COMPILER    : compiler among those available in NEMOGCM/ARCH, needed for makenemo (see below)
                             can also be pass as an argument, e.g. ./ ifort_osx
          BATCH_COMMAND : command for job submission in batch mode
          MPI_INTERACT : "yes" if you want to run in interactive mode for MPI run
                     "no" if you want to run in batch mode for MPI run
               NOTE : every job using only 1 proc is run in interactive mode

               makenemo -m : machine (compilator); see ./makenemo -m help (in NEMOGCM/CONFIG directory)
                        -n : config name (in examples config_name_nproci_nprocj), see ./makenemo -n help
                        -r : reference configuration (if you don't give it you have to choise directories to install)
                        add_key : to add list of keys (for example to test reproductibility: add_key mpp_rep)
                        del_key : to del list of keys
               and for more details and options of makenemo see ./makenemo -h

          set_namelist : to set namelist values 
         (example : to set 75 time steps for one test : namelist nn_itend 75)
         (        : to change cn_icerst_in name : namelist_ice cn_icerst_in  \"test_00101231_restart_icemod\")
         (      : to activate control print : namelist ln_ctl false )
 creates execution directory for each test
                    : NOTE for EACH JOB EXECUTION it is needed to set TEST_NAME variable
                TEST_NAME variable gives name to execution directory (created in
                IT is mandatory to have different TEST_NAME for each job run if not existing files are re-written (for example namelist)

      needs input: input_CONFIG_NAME TOTAL_NUMBER_OF_PROCS_used TEST_NAME
         (for example if you compile ORCA2_LIM with key_mpp_mpi 
         and only run short test ===> ./fcm_job input_ORCA2_LIM.cfg 4 SHORT)

 in param.cfg :
               FORCING_DIR       : directory in which will be found input.tar file (same name in input_CONFIG_NAME.cfg)
               INPUT_DIR         : directory in which store input files (tar file)
               TMPDIR            : temporary directory NEEDED ONLY FOR IBM machines (put EXP00 directory)
          NEMO_VALIDATION_DIR : directory in which create NEMO_VALIDATION tree, and store restart, solver.stat and ocean.output files in
 in :
               IMPORTANT : control that name of tar file in FORCING directory
               is the same of that in input_REF_CONFIG.cfg, if not change one.

               change in "RUN OPA" if [ ${MPI_INTERACT} == "yes" ] mpirun command line (some examples are already written)
          NOTE: if MPI_INTERACT="no" it is neede a batch_file (see below to create a new one)

in case of error you can remove you NEW_CONF directory and all files doing :
./makenemo -n MY_CONFIG clean_config

if you want recompile nemo but before you want to clean compiled code do :
./makenemo clean

and if you have already compiled you can re-run all and compilation part will be by-passed.

NOTE 2: 
if you want a completly verbose makenemo you can uncomment "set -x" in makenemo script
and then launch ./ 2>&1 | tee out.sette

1. makenemo -n NEW_CONFIG (see makenemo -h for help) OR
2. makenemo -n NEW_CONFIG -r REF_CONFIG (if it is based on another reference configuration)
3. for creates a new input_NEW_CONFIG.cfg if you need tar file (if you use same tar file of GYRE, ORCA2_LIM or ORCA2_LIM_PISCES you can use it)

1. add arch-compiler.fcm in NEMOGCM/ARCH directory
2. makenemo -m new_compiler  (see makenemo -h for help)

1. see in SETTE/BATCH_TEMPLATE directory existing examples
2. create you own batch file like: batch-${COMPILER}
(note: will copy it in job_batch_template if you run tests in MPI_INTERACT="no")
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