source: branches/2014 @ 4718

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
dev_CNRS0_NOC1_LDF 4620   7 years gm #1260 : LDF improvements, correct a bug in ldfdyn.F90
dev_r4642_WavesWG 4646   7 years acc Branch 2014/dev_r4642_WavesWG #1323. Minor fix to sbcblk_mfs.F90 to enable …
dev_r4627_COMODO_UPW2D 4648   7 years flavoni add new experience for cas test Upwelling, for WP item CNRS-7
dev_r4650_UKMO3_masked_damping 4668   7 years timgraham Creation of NEMO branch for UKMO workplan 3 - masked damping. Ticket #1296
dev_CNRS0_blk_core 4675   7 years gm #1348 CORE bulk simplification and optimization: changes in sbcblk_core …
dev_CNRS1_10_TEOS10_Ediag 4680   7 years gm #1350 : new version of tranpc.F90 based local static stability
dev_r4621_NOC4_BDY_VERT_INTERP 4694   7 years jamesharle Update of fldread to handle depth information in BDY files and addition of …
dev_r4650_UKMO2_ice_shelves 4704   7 years mathiot Ice Shelf: correction of minor bugs if running without ice shelf
dev_r4704_NOC5_MPP_BDY_UPDATE 4705   7 years jamesharle Creating a branch to allow the bdy_mask to be read before optimisation of …
dev_r4650_UKMO12_CFL_diagnostic 4709   7 years timgraham Removed cpp key and added a namelist option (nn_diacfl) to the namctl …
dev_r4650_UKMO13_CICE_changes_take2 4713   7 years timgraham Remaking development branch at correct revision of trunk
dev_r4650_UKMO12_CFL_diags_take2 4715   7 years timgraham Added nn_diacfl to the namctl read in other configurations.
dev_4707_CNRS04_bgc_ice 4718   7 years vancop [sea ice tracer boundary conditions ORCA2_LIM2 PISCES]
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