source: trunk/NEMO @ 973

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
C1D_SRC 922   13 years cetlod change key_cfg_1d to key_c1d and key_passivetrc to key_top, see ticket:135
LIM_SRC_2 900   13 years rblod Update 1D configuration according to SBC and LIM3, see ticket #117
LIM_SRC_3 921   13 years rblod Correct indentation and print for debug in LIM3, see ticket #134, step I
NST_SRC 888   13 years ctlod merge dev_001_SBC branche with the trunk to include the New Surface Module …
OFF_SRC 973   13 years cetlod phasing the OFFLINE module to the new version of NEMO, see ticket 146
OPA_SRC 959   13 years cetlod call the routine sbc_ice_lim with the right arguments if key_lim3 not …
TOP_SRC 946   13 years cetlod Update modules for new version of TOP model, see ticket 144
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