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2019-05-24T21:41:56+02:00 (17 months ago)

Add a configuration file as resource for Bib Tool? to define standard format for our bibliographies
After the import of several new versions of references, I found some discrepancies that it was easy to address with Bib Tool?

  • Set a common pattern for citation key: author1[_authors2[_ea]]_journalyear
  • Suppress a good bunch of trivial fields to reduce the size of the biblio in the different exports address chapter institution isbn issn issue keywords language note number organisation pages pdf series school type volume Open to discussion but to me a DOI entry is sufficient if someone wants more information
  • Prevent the use of tab for fields indentation, better readability for the bib file on Trac browser or in the output of SVN diff
  • Apply the following order of fields for every entry author # title # booktitle # journal # publisher # editor # year # month # doi # url

To apply the rules to a Bib Tex? file, run

bibtool -r bibtool.rsc input_file -o output_file
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