2019-11-07T17:55:13+01:00 (11 months ago)

Branch 2019/fix_sn_cfctl_ticket2328. See #2328. Replacement of ln_ctl and activation of full functionality with
sn_cfctl structure. These changes rename structure components l_mppout and l_mpptop as l_prtctl and l_prttrc
and introduce l_glochk to activate former ln_ctl code in stpctl.F90 to perform global location of min and max
checks. Also added is l_allon which can be used to activate all output (much like the former ln_ctl). If l_allon
is .false. then l_config decides whether or not the suboptions are used.

   sn_cfctl%l_glochk = .FALSE.    ! Range sanity checks are local (F) or global (T). Set T for debugging only
   sn_cfctl%l_allon  = .FALSE.    ! IF T activate all options. If F deactivate all unless l_config is T
   sn_cfctl%l_config = .TRUE.     ! IF .true. then control which reports are written with the remaining options

Note, these changes pass SETTE tests but all references to ln_ctl need to be removed from the sette scripts.

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  • NEMO/branches/2019/fix_sn_cfctl_ticket2328/src/TOP/prtctl_trc.F90

    r10570 r11872  
    3535   SUBROUTINE prt_ctl_trc( tab4d, mask, clinfo, ovlap, kdim, clinfo2 ) 
    3636      !!---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    37       !!                     ***  ROUTINE prt_ctl  *** 
     37      !!                     ***  ROUTINE prt_ctl_trc  *** 
    3838      !! 
    3939      !! ** Purpose : - print sum control 3D arrays over the same area  
    4141      !!                debugging a new parametrization in mono or mpp.  
    4242      !! 
    43       !! ** Method  : 2 possibilities exist when setting the ln_ctl parameter to 
     43      !! ** Method  : 2 possibilities exist when setting the sn_cfctl%prttrc parameter to 
    4444      !!                .true. in the ocean namelist: 
    4545      !!              - to debug a MPI run .vs. a mono-processor one;  
    5454      !!              - All arguments of the above calling sequence are optional so their 
    5555      !!                name must be explicitly typed if used. For instance if the mask 
    56       !!                array tmask(:,:,:) must be passed through the prt_ctl subroutine,  
    57       !!                it must looks like: CALL prt_ctl( mask=tmask ). 
     56      !!                array tmask(:,:,:) must be passed through the prt_ctl_trc subroutine,  
     57      !!                it must look like: CALL prt_ctl_trc( mask=tmask ). 
    5858      !!---------------------------------------------------------------------- 
    5959      REAL(wp)         , DIMENSION(:,:,:,:), INTENT(in), OPTIONAL ::   tab4d     ! 4D array 
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