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[stp-cfg] Setting up a Barotropic tide forcing NEMO configuration


I am trying to setup a barotropic regional model configuration using NEMO, Vertical grid is sigma coordinate with 51 levels. The model forcing includes the tides at lateral boundary boundary and tide potential.

To begin with,

  • Model initial temperature and salinity are kept constant.
  • Also linear EOS is used with zero thermal and saline coefficients.
  • SBC is set to direct flux formulation with all zero forcing. (Later I wish to add the wind forcing).

Meanwhile, I wish to have expert guidance to sort out a few more issues such as

  • Can we swtich off the tracer (temp, salinity) computation in the NEMO barotropic mode. or we need to include them with a constant value everywhere in the domain.
  • Can we swtich off the vertical parameterisation. Or is it advisable to use constant vertical mixing (key_zdfcst) with zero coefficients.
  • Some tips on disabling the computation of 3D primitive equations in the barotropic setup.

Thanks in advance Bijoy

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