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[usp-cfg] Blow up at the north fold boundary

Hi,I have been troubled by a problem for a long time. Now I come here for some help. I have successfully run the ORCA1 configuration using NEMO version 3.4. However, it always blew up at the north fold boundary when I run the ORCA1 configuration using NEMO version 3.6, which has the same initial condition and atmospheric forcing as version 3.4. I found that there were some updates in lbcnfd.F90 and lib_mpp.F90 in version 3.6, but I didn't know how to fix the problem. Are there some options in the namelist could deal with the problem? Or some other methods I can try? Thanks a lot!


bld::tool::fppkeys key_trabbl key_lim2 key_dynspg_flt key_diaeiv key_ldfslp key_traldf_c2d key_traldf_eiv key_dynldf_c3d key_zdftke key_zdftmx key_mpp_mpi key_diaar5
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    The ORCA1_LIM configuration is not one of the NEMO reference configurations which are indeed supported with the NEMO releases, so that I'm not surprised of what you've seen.

    Indeed, with NEMO release 3_4, a global 1° configuration was available through the projects that developed it. I understand that this is what you ran successfully with 3_4_STABLE. I'm not surprised that moving this ORCA1 configuration onto 3_6_STABLE, it does not work right away. I'm not aware of an update of this ORCA1_LIM configuration onto 3_6_STABLE, but maybe other answers will come on this.

    At this moment, there is no reference configuration at 1° resolution in global, but only a 2° resolution , which also benefits from using the LIM3 version of sea-ice component.

    Hope this helps,

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