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[BDY] Tides and more

Hi All,
I have a couple of questions about tides:
May I activate the tidal potential with a curvilinear rotated grid? Ok for the ssh but not fully confident with currents.

Assuming the key_tide option works fine regardless the kind of horizontal mesh I provide, what about the tide at the BDY sections?
What are the data should I provide at the BDY sections? Amplitude and phase of the major constituents? in the AAM input files I see "sin" and "cos" but nothing is written in the user guide (few words may help a lot).
Usually the models want normal and tangential components of the velocities.
So the question is: should I provide amplitude and phase (or other info) of the normal/tangetial or meridional/zonal velocities?
Thanks in advance

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    Hi Paolo,

    You can use the tidal potential whatever your grid is. What is the issue here ? Note that this may be relevant only for relatively large domains, otherwise your tidal solution may be well constrain by the tidal forcing at open boundaries. At boundaries you should provide complex amplitudes (the real "z1","u1","v1" and imaginary part "z2","u2","v2" of each harmonic constituent which is online transformed into amplitude and phase). For elevation and both components of barotropic velocities. You can obtain these from TPXO inverse solution for instance. They do provide global and regional solutions. NEMO assumes that velocities are oriented along the local grid so that you have to rotate the tidal velocities before feeding the model.


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