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[SIREN] Boundary netcdf files

Dear SIREN users,

I am using SIREN tools to generate open boundary netcdf files of my regional model from a mother domain.

I used "create_boundary.exe" and associated ".nam" file and then SIREN created below files for my three open boundaries.

As far as I understand NEMO v3.6_stable "key_bdy" option needs only one file for all open boundaries.

Is there a way to create one OBC netcdf file? or is there a new SIREN version compatible with NEMO v3.6_stable file structure?

Thank you very much,

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    Hi murat,

    actually there are two ways to use boundaries compatible with NEMO_v3.6 with key_bdy.

    The first one as you see, is to use one file. This is mainly used for unstructured boundary. SIREN does not manage this case.

    The second case is to create files for each boundary. In this case you have to add in NEMO namelist few information as in attch file here.

    In this exemple we created 3 boundaries. So we have to :

    1. add choices for each boundaries in nambdy. d
    2. define nambdy_index for each boundary. Note that indiex to put here are inform as netcdf global attributes in boundary files created by SIREN.
    3. define nambdy_dta for each boundary to get variable from right file.
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      Dear Julein,

      this is what i am looking for! Thank you very much.


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