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[CPP-key] NEMO 4.0 and the keys

Dear Team,

Yesterday, I downloaded the beta version 4.0. I was trying to reproduce some experiments that I did with NEMO3.6. I noticed that the GYRE configuration is not available anymore. So I created a new configuration from another reference configuration which had only the ocean model module. It was a total surprise to see that the cpp_keys do not include anymore the keys: key_dynspg_exp, key_dynspg_flt and key_dynspg_ts. How do you choose this scheme in NEMO4.0?Thanks so much in advance for your help

Kind regards,


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    Hello Estanislao,

    You should have a look at the changes for NEMO 4.0:
    In fact several CPP keys have been removed in the sources and some converted to namelist options.

    Not an expert in this at all, but I guess you should look at the following lines from the namdyn_spg namelist block

    889&namdyn_spg    !   surface pressure gradient                            (default: NO selection)
    891   ln_dynspg_exp  = .false.   ! explicit free surface
    892   ln_dynspg_ts   = .false.   ! split-explicit free surface
    893      ln_bt_fw      = .true.     ! Forward integration of barotropic Eqs.
    894      ln_bt_av      = .true.     ! Time filtering of barotropic variables
    895         nn_bt_flt     = 1          ! Time filter choice  = 0 None
    896         !                          !                     = 1 Boxcar over   nn_baro sub-steps
    897         !                          !                     = 2 Boxcar over 2*nn_baro  "    "
    898      ln_bt_auto    = .true.     ! Number of sub-step defined from:
    899         rn_bt_cmax   =  0.8        ! =T : the Maximum Courant Number allowed
    900         nn_baro      = 30          ! =F : the number of sub-step in rn_rdt seconds
    901      rn_bt_alpha   = 0.         ! Temporal diffusion parameter (if ln_bt_av=F)

    Hope this helps,

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