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implementation: 'Describe flow chart of the changes in the code. List the .F90 files and modules to be changed. Detailed list of new variables (including namelists) to be defined. Give for each the chosen name (following coding rules) and definition.' by gm2018-01-05T18:58:15+01:00
manual: 'Using part 1 and 2, define the summary of changes to be done in the NEMO reference manual (tex files), and in the content of web pages.' by gm2018-01-05T18:58:15+01:00
description: 'The generic lbc_lnk/mpp_lnk routines introduced in dev_r8127_AGRIF_LIM3_GHOST (ROBUSTNESS-08_AndrewC-MPP_no_ghost) make this development useless. The 4D mpp_lnk are now available. They have been used in ENHANCE-16_Clement_ICEMODEL) for sea-ice model, and their extensive used in OPA_SRC have been performed during the 2017 merge party (see dev_merge_2017).' by gm2018-01-05T18:58:15+01:00