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implementation: '1) Closed tickets: #1583 Upgrade vertical grid definition in AGRIF preprocessing tools #1760 Creating child bathymetry with nesting tools from an existing child bathymetry does not work #1968 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: agrif_create_bathy overwrites existing child coordinate file #1981 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF does not comply with new vertical scale factors computation (DOMAINcfg) #1998 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: wrong bathymetry connection around open boundary corners #1999 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: bathymetry interpolation #2082 agrif_create_coordinates writes incorrect u,v points to child grid file #2089 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF: bathymetry connection done even if open boundary lies over land Still unclosed (May 28th) #1869 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF create restart files larger than 2GB (64bit_offset) #1870 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF create restart files #1871 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read mbathy and NOT bathy_level for agrif_create_restart #1872 NESTING TOOLS AGRIF read updated bathymetry for creating agrif restarts' by jchanut2018-05-28T12:07:44+02:00
manual: 'Using part 1 and 2, define the summary of changes to be done in the NEMO reference manual (tex files), and in the content of web pages.' by jchanut2018-05-28T11:20:58+02:00
description: 'Only task i), is relevant for NEMO 4.0 release. (ii) will be done later Description of work in task i) 1) Close all reported tickets linked to the AGRIF nesting tools 2) Add some missing features to use the code with NEMO 4.0 3) Merge tools with Mike Dunphy's code 4) Ask within Agrif WG if anyone has found issues that have not been reported so far. 5) Testing' by jchanut2018-05-28T11:20:58+02:00