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implementation: '- ABL1D model - ABL tools to generate 3D atmospheric forcings' by gsamson2018-09-25T15:30:53+02:00
manual: 'Using part 1 and 2, define the summary of changes to be done in the NEMO reference manual (tex files), and in the content of web pages.' by gsamson2018-09-25T15:30:53+02:00
description: 'A 1D vertical atmospheric boundary layer model (ABL1D) is able to represent the oceanic current and SST feedbacks on the lower atmosphere. These feedbacks modify ABL wind, height and stratification (temperature & humidity) which in turn modify the upper ocean circulation. This model will modify surface turbulent fluxes computed by bulk algorithms above the ocean and sea-ice. It will be forced by 3D atmospheric fileds above the ABL and guided through geostrophic wind or horizontal pressure gradient inside the ABL.' by gsamson2018-09-25T15:30:53+02:00