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implementation: 'Describe flow chart of the changes in the code.\n\nList the .F90 files and modules to be changed.\n\nDetailed list of new variables (including namelists) to be defined.\nGive for each the chosen name (following coding rules) and definition. Step 1: implementation of the tra_adv_muscl scheme as stand-alone application Step 2: integration of MPI3 new communications into the mini-app; comparison of the communication time when the resolution changes as well as the number of MPI tasks Step 3: implementation of new halo exchange routines and replacement of lbc_lnk call with lbc_lnk_mpi3 within the code' by mocavero2017-06-22T19:40:50+02:00
manual: 'Using part 1 and 2, define the summary of changes to be done in the NEMO reference manual (tex files), and in the content of web pages.' by mocavero2017-06-22T19:40:50+02:00
description: 'The goal of this action is to evaluate the improvement of NEMO scalability by testing new communications provided by the MPI3 library. Step 1: extraction of a mini-app to be used as test case Step 2: implementation and performance comparison between the new MPI3 collective communications and the standard MPI2 point-to-point communications Step 3: integration of the new approach in the NEMO code and evaluation of improvements on the NEMO kernels compliant with the MPI3 collective neighbours communications stencil ' by mocavero2017-06-22T19:40:50+02:00