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(edit) @12934   10 months smueller Correction of the synchronization with /NEMO/trunk@12925 (ticket #2170)
(edit) @12928   10 months smueller Synchronizing with /NEMO/trunk@12925 (ticket #2170)
(edit) @12384   13 months agn corrections to tramle & zdfosm to avoid division by 0
(edit) @12383   13 months agn restored OSMOSIS vriables in output.abort if ln_zdfosm=.t. & hmle if …
(edit) @12329   14 months agn restored modernised diahth w/o key
(edit) @12321   14 months agn added blank namelist sections namtra_mle, namzdf_osm, namosm_mle to …
(edit) @12320   14 months agn When key_top and ln_zdfosm chosen, relax ctl_stop to ctl_warn in …
(edit) @12319   14 months agn FKOSM reproducible after wrapping hbl, hble, dh with ln_lnk_multi & calc …
(edit) @12317   14 months agn hmle is now restartable
(edit) @12316   14 months agn added extra trends to field_def_nemo-oce.xml
(edit) @12315   14 months agn define grid_T_SFC in grid_def_nemo.xml
(edit) @12314   14 months agn new namsbc_blk variable ln_humi_dpt added to namelist_ref
(edit) @12313   14 months agn Modify sbcblk.F90 to accept humidity as dewpoint
(edit) @12312   14 months agn restored option to output zd[tsb]dz_pyc
(edit) @12310   14 months agn require ln_zdfom=.T. as well as ln_osm_mle=.T. for integrated FK-OSM code …
(edit) @12309   14 months agn Corrected reversion in tramle.F90 whereby ikmax set too late
(edit) @12226   15 months agn remove key_mpp from cpp_C1D_PAPA.fcm
(edit) @12225   15 months agn added xml code in SHARED to allow small area output with danger_grid
(edit) @12224   15 months agn add eORCA1 configuration with EXPREF holding OSMOSIS xml & namelists
(edit) @12223   15 months agn Reintroduce field-def_nemo-waves.xml
(edit) @12222   15 months agn added FK/OSM namelist vars in namelist_ref
(edit) @12221   15 months agn relax hmle to hbl
(edit) @12220   15 months agn add extra FK fields to field_def_nemo-oce.xml add ML lateral T, S & b …
(edit) @12219   15 months agn Add Gurvan's corrections to trend diagnostics
(edit) @12218   15 months agn FKOSM mods for zdfosm.F90
(edit) @12217   15 months agn make FKOSM changes to tramle.F90
(edit) @12216   15 months agn Alan's changes
(edit) @12178   15 months agn updated trunk to v 11653
(edit) @11712   17 months nicolasmartin in line with the previous commit, remove the same external definition on …
(edit) @11250   20 months agn correctly specify dstokes for nn_osm_wave 0 & 1
(edit) @11143   21 months agn version w/o FK or local changes for NEMO repo
(edit) @11142   21 months agn diahth now initilaized after iom_init
(edit) @11141   21 months agn Modernize diahth
(copy) @11139   21 months agn Improvements to OSMOSIS for IMMERSE
copied from NEMO/trunk:
(edit) @11128   21 months nicolasmartin Create styles folder to gather common files between manuals: …
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