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(edit) @11536   15 months smasson trunk: merge dev_r10984_HPC-13 into the trunk
(edit) @11159   18 months mathiot fix ticket #2301 (remove iceneg_pres and iceneg_volu from ICE_AGRIF …
(edit) @11077   18 months jchanut Correct bathymetry at U-points, #2289
(edit) @10702   22 months mathiot merge branch fix_ticket2238_solution1 into the trunk (ticket #2238)
(edit) @10691   22 months mathiot merge fix_ticket2229 into the trunk (ticket #2229)
(edit) @10665   22 months mathiot include fix for ticket #2228
(edit) @10627   22 months nicolasmartin Right mime-type text/x-bibtex and not text/x-tex
(edit) @10626   22 months nicolasmartin Fix typo in previous commit
(edit) @10625   22 months nicolasmartin Set mime-type for online rendering
(edit) @10605   22 months nicolasmartin Corrections to .rst first files
(edit) @10597   22 months nicolasmartin Fix typo in BibTeX, would be nice not to introduce an invalid entry
(edit) @10580   22 months clem add a warning in the README
(edit) @10572   22 months smasson trunk: update tests with latest src
(edit) @10566   22 months clem debug canal test case
(edit) @10554   23 months clem fill up rst files for test cases
(edit) @10548   23 months clem put one file in xml for the test cases
(edit) @10539   23 months smasson trunk: bugfix on BENCH namelist_cfg*
(edit) @10535   23 months clem change some names again in the ice (last ones)
(edit) @10520   23 months clem adjust the number of time steps
(edit) @10516   23 months clem change demo config name from ICEDYN to ICE_AGRIF
(edit) @10515   23 months clem add a demo configuration for a diagonal advection of a patch of ice in a …
(edit) @10514   23 months clem complete previous commit
(edit) @10513   23 months clem change demo config from ICEADV to ICE_ADV1D
(edit) @10499   23 months deazer Fix ticket #2154
(edit) @10491   23 months mathiot Minor changes in isf load computation to fit change in DOMAINcfg
(edit) @10432   2 years clem debug namelist ICEDYN
(edit) @10431   2 years clem debug namelists in ICEADV
(edit) @10428   2 years smasson trunk: suppress jpnij from the namelist (already defined by mppsize)
(edit) @10425   2 years smasson trunk: merge back dev_r10164_HPC09_ESIWACE_PREP_MERGE@10424 into the trunk
(edit) @10413   2 years clem merge dev_r9947_SI3_advection with the trunk. All sette tests passed. …
(edit) @10279   2 years nicolasmartin Various improvments for quick start guide - implementation of Rtd theme …
(edit) @10240   2 years mathiot include README in README.rst + del README + update .bib + add .bib …
(edit) @10230   2 years mathiot minor change in test/README.rst
(edit) @10219   2 years mathiot add path to OVERFLOW and LOCK EXCHANGE animation
(edit) @10204   2 years mathiot intermediate version of test_cases README
(edit) @10201   2 years nicolasmartin Various modifications related to the setting of a NEMO Quick Start Guide * …
(edit) @10161   2 years clem debug ICEDYN confuguration (remove ln_zco)
(edit) @10075   2 years nicolasmartin Update of namelist blocks for inclusion in the NEMO manual Add simple …
(edit) @10074   2 years nicolasmartin Fix previous commit with wrong svn:keywords property
(edit) @10073   2 years nicolasmartin Switch to test cases folder and apply previous modifications
(edit) @9964   2 years acc Changes to tests/OVERFLOW namelists to ensure all the variations actually …
(edit) @9944   2 years mathiot wrong variable name in ICEDYN userdef
(edit) @9930   2 years smasson trunk: reactivate predefined zoom with xios2, see #2115
(edit) @9925   2 years acc Changes to WAD test case to ensure it works in v4.0
(edit) @9801   2 years clem put aEVP rheology as default for all simulations running with sea ice. …
(edit) @9794   2 years clem add an option in ICEDYN test case to be able to run without coriolis …
(edit) @9790   2 years clem complete previous commit
(edit) @9789   2 years clem change the name of SAS_BIPER configuration to a more explicit one: ICEDYN
(edit) @9787   2 years clem set nbghostcells=3 by default instead of 1. The nesting tools are already …
(edit) @9763   2 years clem repair broken reproducibility in SAS_BIPER
(edit) @9743   2 years clem cosmetics
(edit) @9741   2 years clem repair broken links
(edit) @9740   2 years clem repair broken links
(edit) @9729   2 years clem debug vortex test case (update domvvl in my_src)
(edit) @9726   2 years clem add missing xml file in SAS_BIPER configuration
(edit) @9718   2 years clem change the headers and comments in the test cases namelists to follow the …
(edit) @9692   2 years nicolasmartin Remove *_WK regex for svn:ignore following new workflow for creating …
(edit) @9684   3 years smasson trunk: fix symbolic links
(edit) @9678   3 years smasson trunk: mv EXP00 to EXPREF and create a non-versioned EXP00 from EXPREF if …
(edit) @9670   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: standardisation of svn:ignore
(edit) @9660   3 years clem remove boundary conditions for ice dynamics. It makes the ice rheology …
(edit) @9659   3 years clem complete last commit with the test cases
(edit) @9652   3 years smasson trunk: dia_wri_alloc allocate nothing when using key_iomput, see …
(edit) @9650   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: upgrade of makenemo and …
(copy) @9635   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: reinstate test cases in the trunk …
copied from utils/test_cases:
(copy) @9596   3 years nicolasmartin Reorganisation plan for NEMO repository: preliminary implementation of the …
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