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(edit) @10973   19 months cetlod trunk : bugfix in Lability of big particles, see ticket #2278
(edit) @10951   19 months jamesharle namelist_cfg REWIND moved inside loop for nambdy_dta reading as, by …
(edit) @10945   19 months clem finish repairing the code when only ice dynamics is activated
(edit) @10934   19 months jamesharle Update code to accommodate multiple instances of nb_jpk_bdy (See ticket …
(edit) @10932   19 months clem make sure a simulation can run when some parts of ice thermodynamics are …
(edit) @10930   19 months clem solve a problem of conservation when ice advection is called twice …
(edit) @10926   19 months clem complete previous commit
(edit) @10924   19 months clem solve a problem of restartability and reproducibility if ln_cndflx is …
(edit) @10911   19 months clem Major change: the advection scheme UMx has been revisited to clean all the …
(edit) @10909   19 months clem correct a problem with indices for ice BDY at the eastern and northern …
(edit) @10907   19 months clem solve ticket #2275
(edit) @10896   19 months cetlod Adding a first Draft of TOP documentation
(edit) @10891   19 months clem 1) correct ice velocity at the ice edge ⇒ it changes (slightly) the ice …
(edit) @10882   20 months clem correct the comments on the units of salt fluxes that were confusing
(edit) @10873   20 months cetlod trunk : Initialisation of some local arrays, see ticket:2272
(edit) @10869   20 months cetlod trunk:Change units of Nitrogen deposition data in PISCES, see ticket:2271
(edit) @10835   20 months smueller Merge of changesets [10832] and [10833] into the trunk, see ticket #2267
(edit) @10824   20 months clem output cfl diagnostics (courant numbers) in netcdf ⇒ add cfl_cu, cfl_cv, …
(edit) @10817   20 months smasson trunk: report [10815] and [10816] from v4
(edit) @10814   20 months nicolasmartin Add DRAFT watermark as default for the PDF export of the manual Do not …
(edit) @10808   20 months smasson trunk: update namelist_ref, according to changes done in v4 in [10779] and …
(edit) @10794   21 months cetlod trunk : minor bugfix in PISCES
(edit) @10790   21 months nicolasmartin Add revision number to the guide homepage and limite verbosity of LaTeX …
(edit) @10788   21 months cetlod trunk: Some bugfixes at ice/biogeochmeical interfaces, see ticket #2262
(edit) @10786   21 months clem fix tickets #2256 and #2257
(edit) @10784   21 months clem solve ticket #2261
(edit) @10781   21 months clem increase the number max of communications (only necessary when bdy + ice + …
(edit) @10742   21 months jchanut Bug with ENT scheme #2254
(edit) @10721   21 months cetlod trunk : Minor bugfixes on Offline configurations, see ticket 2251
(edit) @10720   21 months cetlod trunk : Minor bugfixes on Offline configurations, see ticket 2251
(edit) @10716   21 months mathiot missing #undef ERRVAL in r10665 (ticket #2228)
(edit) @10714   21 months mathiot fix ticket #1595 included into the trunk
(edit) @10702   22 months mathiot merge branch fix_ticket2238_solution1 into the trunk (ticket #2238)
(edit) @10694   22 months cetlod Minor correction of offline block-namelist
(edit) @10691   22 months mathiot merge fix_ticket2229 into the trunk (ticket #2229)
(edit) @10665   22 months mathiot include fix for ticket #2228
(edit) @10647   22 months smueller Merge of changeset [10646] into the trunk; see ticket #2236
(edit) @10645   22 months jamesharle Update variable name for ticket #2233
(edit) @10641   22 months jamesharle Correction for un-initialised variable wn_25h in 25hour meaning …
(edit) @10638   22 months nicolasmartin Use explicit @HEAD for external definitons + HTTPS URLs for Zenodo …
(edit) @10629   22 months smasson trunk: bugfix in mpp for bdy, back to v3.6, see #2213, #2224, #2225
(edit) @10627   22 months nicolasmartin Right mime-type text/x-bibtex and not text/x-tex
(edit) @10626   22 months nicolasmartin Fix typo in previous commit
(edit) @10625   22 months nicolasmartin Set mime-type for online rendering
(edit) @10617   22 months smasson trunk: missing bugfix on sbccpl and add TOYATM in tools
(edit) @10615   22 months smasson trunk: improve information/error messages in mppini
(edit) @10614   22 months smueller Merge of changeset [10613] into the trunk
(edit) @10611   22 months clem go back to regular EVP instead of adaptive EVP because of model crash
(edit) @10610   22 months nicolasmartin Add LaTeX requirements file + downloading of figures directory if not …
(edit) @10609   22 months nicolasmartin Add another Python requirements file for online edition of NEMO guide with …
(edit) @10608   22 months nicolasmartin Rectify Python3 requirements for guide compilation (tested in virtualenv)
(edit) @10605   22 months nicolasmartin Corrections to .rst first files
(edit) @10604   22 months nicolasmartin Review partly INSTALL.rst + implement 2 features for the future * Add …
(edit) @10603   22 months acc Update SAS/stpctl.F90 with missing controls over run.stat etc.
(edit) @10602   22 months nicolasmartin Review global README and the layout of the guide Gather release notes, …
(edit) @10601   22 months acc Remove some redundant variables from in_out_manager.F90. Update namctl and …
(edit) @10600   22 months nicolasmartin Review inclusion of RELEASE_NOTES in the index and several changes in …
(edit) @10599   22 months nicolasmartin Restore conf option for templates
(edit) @10598   22 months nicolasmartin Standardisation of title markup and convert few to lowercase
(edit) @10597   22 months nicolasmartin Fix typo in BibTeX, would be nice not to introduce an invalid entry
(edit) @10596   22 months nicolasmartin Fixes for a unsuccessful Python Sphinx building, no more warnings but …
(edit) @10595   22 months nicolasmartin Same mistake as previously, forget to add the modified target file of the …
(edit) @10594   22 months clevy details on contributing
(edit) @10593   22 months nicolasmartin Re-importing release notes from Changelog wiki page
(edit) @10592   22 months nicolasmartin Cosmetic changes
(edit) @10591   22 months nicolasmartin Add the file missing from my previous commit
(edit) @10590   22 months nicolasmartin Shrink sphinx conf file and publish CONTRIBUTING file
(edit) @10589   22 months clem fix bug #2219
(edit) @10588   22 months jchanut Remove some extra spaces that (weirdly) break AGRIF code conversion
(edit) @10585   22 months nicolasmartin Shrink SI3 abstract in REFERENCES.bib and add missing \hf{} index entry …
(edit) @10583   22 months clem just add the signature on the drawing in nemogcm
(edit) @10582   22 months smasson trunk: forget dummy routine for [10577]
(edit) @10581   22 months clem add a comment
(edit) @10580   22 months clem add a warning in the README
(edit) @10579   22 months clem change an option in the advection scheme to avoid weird ice temperature …
(edit) @10578   22 months clem cosmetics
(edit) @10577   22 months smasson trunk: minor update related to oasis version
(edit) @10576   22 months clem remove the test in icea heat fluxes since I am unsure of the formulation
(edit) @10572   22 months smasson trunk: update tests with latest src
(edit) @10570   22 months acc Trunk update to implement finer control over the choice of text report …
(edit) @10569   22 months nicolasmartin Add the current state of the NEMO manual at the root of the ./doc
(edit) @10568   22 months nicolasmartin Fix for a consistent output of the index entries to review in the NEMO …
(edit) @10566   22 months clem debug canal test case
(edit) @10564   22 months clem correct a bug in sea-ice heat flux
(edit) @10562   22 months mocavero Update diagnostics.rst file
(edit) @10560   22 months smasson trunk: bugfix in mppini for automatic domain decomposition with low number …
(edit) @10559   23 months acc Update of INSTALL.rst
(edit) @10558   23 months acc Update of INSTALL.rst
(edit) @10557   23 months acc Update of INSTALL.rst and minor correction to global.rst
(edit) @10555   23 months clem choose to update ice velocity every sub-iteration in rheology or not …
(edit) @10554   23 months clem fill up rst files for test cases
(edit) @10553   23 months clem fill up rst files for test cases
(edit) @10552   23 months gsamson minor corrections in setup.rst
(edit) @10551   23 months lovato Update content of root README.rst
(edit) @10550   23 months nicolasmartin Modify script checking the LaTeX files to report the ones to be updated
(edit) @10549   23 months cetlod minor updates of TOP user guide
(edit) @10548   23 months clem put one file in xml for the test cases
(edit) @10545   23 months nicolasmartin Add requirements.txt to set compilation environment for rst files It is …
(edit) @10544   23 months nicolasmartin Fixes for LaTeX compilation of NEMO manual
(edit) @10542   23 months smasson trunk: improve NP folding balance, see #2214
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