Milestone IMMERSE 2019

Due in 3 months (2020-01-01T01:00:00+01:00) ; For release-4.2


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The overarching goal of IMMERSE is ensure that the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service will have continuing access to world-class marine modelling tools for its next generation systems while leveraging advances in space and information technologies, therefore allowing it to address the ever-increasing and evolving demands for marine monitoring and prediction in the 2020s and beyond.


  • Develop a new, efficient, stable and scalable NEMO reference code with improved performances adapted to exploit future HPC technologies in the context of CMEMS systems.
  • Develop NEMO for the challenges of delivering ocean state estimates and forecasts describing ocean dynamics and biogeochemistry at kilometric scale with improved accuracy
  • Prepare the exploitation of the next generation of high resolution observing networks within CMEMS systems and in detailed, downstream modelling systems.
  • Develop a flexible and generic software tools series for interfacing CMEMS observation and model-based products and detailed, downstream modelling systems
  • Provide proven model code and software tools with assessments suitable for rapid deployment in CMEMS


Ticket Summary Owner Component
#2009 HPC-02_Epicoco_Single Core Performance francesca OCE
#2018 AGRIF-04(2018WP)_jchanut-TSTEPPING jchanut AGRIF
#2112 CMCC-02_sciliberti_BDYTool sciliberti tools
#2126 ENHANCE-10(2017WP)_jchanut-ZTILDE2 jchanut OCE
#2131 ASINTER-01_Guillaume_ABL1D gsamson SBC
#2150 TOP-02_emalod_OASIS_interface_between_TOP_and_NEMO emalod TOP
#2153 HPC-03_HPDAonlineDiag epico DIA
#2155 ASINTER-02_Clementi_wave-mixing emanuelaclementi ZDF
#2156 ASINTER-03_Masson_CurrentFeedback smasson SBC
#2157 ASINTER-04_Madec_waves gm SBC
#2158 ASINTER-06_Brodeau_Wave_Bulk laurent SBC
#2159 ASINTER-05_Brodeau_Advanced_Bulk laurent SBC
#2160 HPC-04_MCastrillo_HPDAonlineDiagGPU mcastril DIA
#2162 Tiling for TRA and ZDF routines mikebell TRA
#2186 SI3-05_VP_rheology vancop SI3
#2187 SI3-08_lagrangian_drifters vancop TOP
#2196 HPC-07_XXX_agrif_HPC_review AGRIF
#2209 PUBS-02_Nicolas-DemoCases_Implementation (WP2 - MS2.1) nicolasmartin env
#2222 AGRIF-05_jchanut_vert_coord_interp jamesharle AGRIF
#2258 KERNEL-02_Storkey_Coward_IMMERSE_first_steps davestorkey DYN
#2308 Optimization of the communications in DYN girrmann DYN

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