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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#590 move daymod public variables in dom_oce nemo Enhancement closed low
#591 avoid using undefined values in lbc_lnk when cd_mpp present nemo Bug closed low
#592 Suppress bottom boundary condition on tke nemo Defect closed low
#593 mpp bug in freshwater budget control only option nn_fwb=3 nemo Bug closed low
#596 nlay_i instead of nlay_s in a loop nemo Bug closed low
#598 make sure taum > 0 in coupled model nemo Bug closed low
#599 NVTK: bug at the job launch process if REF_TAGV variable is empty nemo Bug closed low
#600 NVTK: ins_make script under NVTK/INSTALL/MODIPSL_FILES is no more up-to-date nemo Bug closed low
#601 use integer in calendar to avoid truncation error nemo Bug closed low
#602 supress useless variables in phycst cetlod Bug closed low
#603 updated namelist (like in trunk ORCA2_LIM; use integer in calendar, see ticket:601) nemo Enhancement closed low
#605 alternate direction for LIM advection nemo Bug closed low
#606 emp conversion to m/s smasson Bug closed low
#607 physics sbccpl (bugfix of pqsr_ice + energy due to iceberg melting) nemo Bug closed low
#608 Bug in initialisation of variables in PISCES model nemo Bug closed low
#609 Update OFFLINE component nemo Enhancement closed low
#610 implement AR5 diagnostics nemo Enhancement closed low
#611 useless use un limthd nemo Bug closed low
#613 Problem with ORCA2 coordinates at NEMO vn2+ nemo Bug closed low Unscheduled
#614 Improvement NEMO standard configuration nemo Enhancement closed low
#615 NEMO Simulations with IPSL/libIGCM environment nemo Enhancement closed low
#616 Remove directory PARAM in libIGCM config nemo Enhancement closed low
#617 remove tailing blanks in xml files nemo Bug closed low
#618 out of bounds in limrhg_2 nemo Bug closed low
#619 out of bounds in diaptr nemo Bug closed low
#620 Run PISCES model with libIGCM environment on IDRIS computers nemo Enhancement closed low
#621 wrong vector optimisation nemo Bug closed low
#622 NVTK: allow a more general path to find the ioserver executable in any case nemo Enhancement closed low
#623 mislabelled ice velocity fields in output.abort files nemo Bug closed low
#624 Create new branch for milestone S3.3-f AGRIF and sea-ice sga@… Enhancement closed low
#625 About limtrp and limtrp_2 somebody Enhancement closed low
#626 heat content/lateral accretion in limthd_lac vancop Bug closed low
#627 compilation for the ES2 rblod Enhancement closed low
#628 dummy function for agrif_root nemo Defect closed low
#629 LIM3 restartability nemo Bug closed low
#631 proposal to modify behaviour of interpolation on the fly code in fld_read sga@… Enhancement closed low
#632 weekly forcing files (Mercator contribution for 2009) cbricaud Enhancement closed low
#633 num_sal hardcoded in limrst.F90 gm Bug closed low
#634 wrong sign for vertical velocity used to advect floats in floblk.F90 nemo Bug closed low
#636 creation config tools nemo Enhancement closed low
#639 Misread initial biological data files nemo Bug closed low
#640 Add the possibility to read both of old/new format of the mesmask nemo Enhancement closed low
#641 Improvment of namelist for PISCES model nemo Enhancement closed low
#642 ORCA2_LIM: correct the est-west periodicity for runoffs & coef in the standard input file available in ORCA2_LIM_nemo_v3_2.tar nemo Bug closed low
#643 Cleaning TOP routines nemo Enhancement closed low
#644 Re-organisation of restart part of TOP component nemo Enhancement closed low
#646 coriolis parameter in limrhg_2.F90 nemo Bug closed low
#648 missing east and north bmask in obcini nemo Bug closed low
#649 Read 3D files with fldread.F90 ( like Levitus), Mercator contribution nemo Enhancement closed low
#650 Read 3D files (like Levitus) with fldread.F90 cbricaud Task closed low
#654 change opa9.driver and opa9.card to do Interannual run with PeriodLength != 1 nemo Enhancement closed low
#655 domwri.F90: files are not closed if nmsh > 3 smasson Bug closed low
#656 trc_oce.F90 : wrong tabulated R-G-B attenuation coef nemo Bug closed low
#658 OPA documentation phasing gm Task closed low
#659 ldfdyn changes to allow mixed laplacian/bilaplacian lateral diffusion on momentum edblockley Task closed low
#661 Improve PISCES model nemo Enhancement closed low
#666 removed bad sed (used in developing phase) in opa9.driver nemo Defect closed low
#668 lib_mpp and north fold condition nemo Bug closed low
#669 Agrif update of ssh dupontf Bug closed low
#670 LIM-3: small bug in latent heat of solid precipitation melting nemo Bug closed low
#671 mbathy(:,:) field is not initialised when going through the zgr_bat_ctl subroutine in partial cells rblod Enhancement closed low Unscheduled
#672 Ticket example nemo Bug closed low
#673 AGRIF and OBC rblod Bug closed low
#675 Missing salt flux into the ocean when using vvl and sea-ice acc Bug closed low
#676 open an fcm branch flavoni Task closed low
#677 mpp reproducibility rblod Task closed low
#678 LIM2 reproducibility problems nemo Bug closed low
#679 mpp scalability acc Task closed low
#680 lateral ocean physics acc Task closed low
#681 Providing OBS and ASM functionality rblod Task closed low
#683 problem with file "read" only in opa9.driver nemo Enhancement closed low
#684 Mid-year merge branch acc Task closed low
#685 preparing branch to use FCM to compile nemo Task closed low
#686 vvl and zco nemo Bug closed low
#687 MERCATOR.5 — GLS Vertical scheme nemo Task closed low
#689 OBC in nemo_v3_2_1 nemo Bug closed low
#690 segmentation fault in prtctl.F90( nemo_v3_2_1) nemo Bug closed low
#691 trcctl_my_trc.F90 : bug in compilation (nemo_v3_2_1) nemo Bug closed low
#692 obc_par without key_agrif in nemo_v3_2_1 nemo Bug closed low
#693 Merge of active and passive tracer advection/diffusion modules nemo Enhancement closed low
#694 Encapsulate active and passive trends in one module nemo Enhancement closed low
#695 Reorganisation of the initialisation phase nemo Enhancement closed low
#696 update NVTK/fait_AA_make nemo Defect closed low
#697 NVTK update to use nemo_v3_2 and IOMPUT nemo Enhancement closed low
#698 Compiling NEMO with key_agrif option (pgf90) sga Defect closed low
#699 Compilation error in SBC/sbccpl.F90 (LIM2 config) nemo Bug closed low
#700 Improve CFC and Bomb C14 models nemo Bug closed low
#701 Improve the merge TRA-TRC nemo Task closed low
#702 Re-organisation of OFFLINE nemo Task closed low
#703 GLS Vertical scheme Patrick Hyder Task closed low
#704 EVP rheology in LIM2 gurvan madec Task closed low
#705 LIM3+coupled mode: Compilation error in sbccpl.F90 nemo Bug closed low
#706 "weekly file" option in fldread nemo Task closed low
#709 LIM3 (LIM2-EVP -Drakkar) : Lead area computation in limrhg.F90 (limrhg_evpc_2.F90) nemo Bug closed low
#710 sbc_ana: emp/emps drift with time nemo Bug closed low
#711 avmb and avtb in traadv_cen2, ORCA2 nemo Bug closed low
#712 index not declared in ldfdyn_c1d.h90 nemo Bug closed low
#713 AGRIF problem -- reads zero ICs salinity nemo Defect closed low
#714 bad if-condition in obcrad nemo Bug closed low
#715 Definition of obctmsk in obcini.F90 depending on a IF-condition nemo Bug closed low
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