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Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#948 Uncorrect REBUILD for restart file with only ocean subdomains nemo Bug closed high
#108 AGRIF with ice nemo Enhancement closed normal
#195 LIM-3 a damping option should be added for regional configurations NEMO team or others? Enhancement closed normal
#840 pathy outputfiles with 1 daily write frequence velocity fields in NEST only nemo Bug closed normal
#857 Restarting when using BDY in 3.3.1 nemo Bug closed normal
#886 switching to traldf_hor gives unphysical results in GYRE configuration nemo Bug closed normal
#959 UKMO developments for OBC-BDY merge (UKMO 3 and 4) davestorkey Enhancement closed normal
#1104 ASM code doesn't compile with key_cice nemo Defect closed normal
#1142 Floating invalid in PISCES/P4Z/p4zlys.F90 nemo Defect closed normal
#1143 2013 development branch for CMCC-6: boundary conditions in TOP vichi Task closed normal
#201 simplified definition of the model time step nemo Enhancement closed low Unscheduled
#337 partial cells and vvl nemo Enhancement closed low
#624 Create new branch for milestone S3.3-f AGRIF and sea-ice sga@… Enhancement closed low
#634 wrong sign for vertical velocity used to advect floats in floblk.F90 nemo Bug closed low
#636 creation config tools nemo Enhancement closed low
#713 AGRIF problem -- reads zero ICs salinity nemo Defect closed low
#900 Bug in OBC when performing multi year runs (obcdta.F90) nemo Bug closed low
#903 change value of rau0 ( in case of linear equation of state ) gm Defect closed low
#945 bash completion for makenemo vichi Enhancement closed low Unscheduled
#946 syncing the netcdf file before the end of the model run nemo Enhancement closed low Unscheduled
#1009 New branch for CNRS development on 2013 : On-line coarsening of ocean outputs nemo Task closed low
#1037 calendar problems nemo Defect closed low
#1052 Compatibility of ICB with both LIM3 and CICE nemo Enhancement closed low
#1062 issue with GRIDGEN tool nemo Bug closed low Unscheduled
#1068 Bugs in bdyini.F90 nemo Defect closed low
#1078 ice embedded/vvl in NEMO3.5 nemo Bug closed low
#1101 Strange behaviour at very small timestep sizes nemo Defect closed low
#1115 create new branch for IDL_scripts for ORCA2_LIM nemo Task closed low
#1124 FLD weights nemo Defect closed low
#1127 INGV-2 Action in the 2013 WP nemo Task closed low
#1135 force the model to stop correctly nemo Bug closed low
#1140 MFS bulk formulae nemo Defect closed low
#1180 Bottom grid points with unrealistically cold temperature in ORCA2_LIM gm Bug reopened low 2020 WP
#1181 Bottom grid points with unrealistically cold temperature in ORCA2_LIM gm Bug closed low
#1390 Unable to open initiales files in p4z_sed_init. cetlod Bug closed low Unscheduled
#1415 create CNRS 2014 development branch nemo Task closed low
#1069 AMM12 restartability problem nemo Defect closed lowest
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