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#1 Introduce THE documentation smasson Enhancement closed normal doc
#282 add steven correction for the Appendix nemo Enhancement closed low doc
#283 Add steven corrections + gm for the Chapters nemo Bug closed low doc
#284 phase the namelist with NEMO v3 + update the references & figures nemo Bug closed low doc
#458 Compute vertical viscosity/diffusion coefficients due to internal tidal mixing: paper documentation Gurvan Task closed low doc
#459 add light penetration following 3 wavebands model (RGB) and the use of ocean color (chlorophyll): paper documentation Gurvan Task closed low doc
#1334 Reference manual missing Figures/Fig_time_split.pdf file nemo Defect closed low doc
#1494 SI3 documentation vancop Task closed high SI3
#1629 Documentation of v3.6 STABLE systeam Task closed normal doc
#1640 Wiki page for Trusting clevy Feature request assigned low env
#1673 Documentation of NEMO 3.6 gm Task closed high doc
#1793 Bibliography style enhancement nemo Enhancement closed low doc
#2032 ROBUST-02_LIM3-doc vancop Task closed high doc
#2057 ROBUST-03_cethe_TOP_doc cetlod Task assigned high TOP
#2058 ROBUST-04_SFlavoni_usrdef_doc flavoni Task closed high env
#2121 Improvment of doc generation script nicolasmartin Defect closed low doc
#2190 SI3-09_TEOS_PHASE_DIAGRAM vancop Task assigned low SI3
#2204 XIOS restart read/write: update documentation andmirek Task closed low doc
#2216 Update reference manual for 4.0 release systeam Enhancement closed high doc
#2306 Review of documentation chapter 2 and associated annexes mikebell Enhancement closed normal doc
#2444 Update NEMO doc for last year dev on closea and ISF mathiot Defect new normal doc
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